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Buzzers… Friday…

January is over. And as usual, the year officially begins for most people. Life gets busy. And if you aren’t living it ‘right’. Then you’ll find yourself putting out fire after fire.

Fires… That seem to be starting in different areas of your life, unexpectedly. Which ultimately leads to a year that see’s more bad than good happen.

But again… Only if you aren’t living it right.

One way to solve that issue… Is to put helpers in different parts of your life. Which leads me to today’s subject line.

You don’t know what you don’t know

I get to see this a lot. As I aggressively push new people into our world. They walk in, acting like they know it all @ certain areas of life.

Only to talk to us. Learn our back history. See the newsletter. To then realising that they don’t know as much as they thought they did. Especially in regards to becoming S-curvish.

At which point. They take the ‘know it al’l hat off. And become students. And then they start to become successful.

We > don’t know sh*t either

If you look at our back story. You’ll see that our entire existence has come about from a series of tests. A lot of trial and error. Learning about YOU. And just being students of life ourselves.

So we like to be a shining example, of how you too should be… When walking into stages 1-4. Or even other parts of the S-curve experience.

The great thing about having a back history full of proven testing. Is that it gets us to success a lot quicker.

Conclusion @ short newsletter Friday

This is kinda like a part 2 to yesterday’s newsletter. But as a reaction from stuff that’s happened LIVE and in the moment. From conversations @ the day before.

So once again… Be a student. Because being a grown adult does not mean that you know it all.

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