Building Muscles for Tall Men – A Better Way To Build Your Chest

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Ok, if you’ve been around Stay-Fit Bug for some time, you’ll have probably stumbled upon the Building muscle for tall men vs building muscle for short men post. And since then, there have been dozens of comments on that post. Some I would even call mini essays.

Now, it was in that post where I talked about the exercises where taller guys are at a disadvantage compared to shorter guys in terms of exercise performance. One of those exercises was the bench press exercise. Now, it’s no secret that as a tall guy, you probably build stand out abs, shoulders and lats with ease. But when it comes to building your chest muscles (especially upper chest) you just struggle, and it seems like nothing you do can fix that. The main problem is that with such a large range of motion, your typical chest exercises force your chest fibers to exert more force than that of a shorter person with shorter arms. To make things worse, the increased range of motion will force a lot of the weight onto your front deltoids and of course, your long lanky arms. Yea, it sucks!!!

But there is a way to fix this. And it’s by doing what you’ve constantly been told not to do.

Shorten your range of motion


Yup, that’s right!

And… minus the traditional flat bench press exercise and add the decline bench press exercise.

Doing so will make your rep stroke shorter, as your body is adjacent to the floor. And you no longer have to deal with the long arm/front shoulder issue, where they would usually have to deal with most of the force, because your shoulders are now lower than your chest.

It is indeed only a small tweak. But it has huge benefits, because adding this tweak to your workout will allow you to add more weight to your bench press, which is of course one of the king compound exercises.

I’ll probably follow this up with some more tweaks, since that earlier post gets commented on regularly, so for now, stay tuned.

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