Building Muscle For Bulk Is Un-sexy/ Build ‘Ripped’ Muscles Instead

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Building Muscle…

That is the name of the game, regardless of what your overall goal is. But the fact of the matter is this,

You want to be noticed!

If you deny that fact then you are lying to yourself.

I can admit that I build muscle for my own personal agenda, which is

  1. To look and feel great
  2. To look great in the clothes that I’d like to wear
  3. To be strong (Nothing better than a powerful hand shake)

But I also like a bit of attention too. I’m not going to sit here and state the opposite, as that would be far from the truth.

So how do you get noticed?

By focusing on getting ripped, instead of building muscle for bulk.

How To Stand Out And Why Ripped Muscles Stand Out More

Any one can build decent sized muscle (With a bit of dedication – And some assistance with steroids) and anyone can throw on a wife beater vest to give the impression of a ‘muscle man’.

I say…

Cliché, cliché, cliché!!!!

Since that is the case, you will want to stand out from the crowd with your muscles. Most people can build bulky muscles. But once you get to a certain size, it can just pass for fat.

”I thought this game was about building muscle”

So did I. Hence the first line introduction of this post!

And the folks who build a body like that are just blending in with the masses. Don’t let that be you this summer!

That is why you need to be focusing on getting ‘ripped’. If you are a hardgainer, getting ripped won’t be a problem, as you are already building muscle from bone. That is already conquered territory. Your pain point is,

How do I build bulkier muscle? (And no… you are not contradicting yourself here!)

However, that does not mean you can stop focusing on getting cut!

This site does cater for the hardgainer, first and foremost. But I also know that some of you are trying to build muscle for bulk, even though you may not be a hardgainer yourself. (The many different body types of the human race) If so… focus on getting ripped!

”But Shaun, If I focus on ‘just getting ripped’ I will have less muscle mass and people may still perceive me as a skinny guy!”

Depending on how you dress!

Remember my tailor made wardrobe post? If not go read it.

Why Hardgainer Bodybuilders Need Tailor-made Wardrobes

But for the sake of you new readers, the point I made in that post is that you need to start wearing clothes that compliment your body. When you do, you won’t have to worry about people perceiving you as a skinny guy. Now… here’s the point I’m trying to make.


Your chiseled body will look more like a work of art

than just some 1980’s pumped up beastly figure…. those guys just look cliché. I see them everywhere and my reaction is the same everytime ”Ahhh… ANOTHER one of those”

Now I may have stated ‘smaller’ muscles, but that does not have to be the case. Remember the 8 famous body types post?

If not, go and read that too.

8 Great Famous Bodybuilding Bodies From 8 of Your Favorite Sports (Unisex)

If you take a look at all of those body types, you’ll notice that you can have both.

Bulk and Cut.

The secret to having both is by cutting out excessive fats in your diet. Yes, you will need to eat fat, in order to burn it. But you will want to keep it under control. For some great food combos check out these posts.

Killer Foods for Fitness (part 1)

The Ultimate ‘Done For You’ Bodybuilding Regime (INDIAN)

The Ultimate ‘Done For You’ Bodybuilding Regime (THAI)

If you really want to put the icing on the cake (without the cake) then get yourself some great looking skin. Dry, flakey or dull skin is another thing that will make your body look ‘just average’.

Tip 1

Lay off the alcohol. Yes… I know a whopping 50% of you like to drink… my self included. But alcohol will dehydrate your skin, which overtime, will leave it looking dull. It will age you too. So drink with moderation (Don’t stop drinking! It is a part of bodybuilding lifestyle fun – which you know I like to encourage)

Tip 2

Just look after your skin with great products.

Read this post to learn how Bugmeister Shaun keeps his skin funky fresh!

How to Develop Great Bodybuilder Skin

I’m going to reveal my lady magnet secret fragrance, for those of you who want to smell good too.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion – 150ml/5oz

Yes… it is a body lotion.

Ever since receiving this as a birthday present last April, I’ve attracted ladies of ALL ages. And man, do I love it! But I also like to share 😛

If you want in on some of the lady attention this summer, then pick up this undercover gem of a body lotion (Which has a more powerful scent than many of the top expensive fragrances out there)

Why Is It Undercover?

Because the smell isn’t too pleasant when you first crack it open. But once you ‘wear it’, the game changes.

I’m onto my 2nd tub in less than a year and the attention is not letting up!

The formula for a great bodybuilding summer

  • Ripped muscles
  • great looking skin
  • great smelling skin

Women Like A Ripped Body Too

POV bikini-curvish @vitoriagomes

POV bikini-curvish @vitoriagomes

As you can see from above, women like a man that looks good. 6 pac abs and all. But mega sized muscles may intimidate some ladies… so, your ripped muscles will cater to more of the masses, which in turn might make you more approachable. Most importantly, you’ll be the first to catch these ladies attention over your fat muscled counterparts.

If you are a woman reading this article, the same applies to you, but with a little twist. I’m talking about becoming a sexy lady bodybuilder.

Why You Should Get Your Girl To Be A ‘Sexy’ Bodybuilder

  • Fitness model
  • Figure competitor
  • Female Bodybuilder

Taking up any one of these will make you stand out from the crowd amongst the many sexy women on this planet we call Earth. If it is attention that you seek AND you manage to build a body like those mentioned in the above article, just be ready to fight off men . Because they’ll come at you in HORDES!

To Conclude

This post may seem like advice on how to get attention. But it is not.

The goal here is to help you build a body that you will be overly happy with. A body that beats even your own expectations of what you may perceive as great. Once you do that, you will get attention, yes. But it will be for the right reasons.

  1. Modelling agents will take notice
  2. Career opportunities will arise

To keep it brief.

And of course, attention from women/ men

Now do yourself a favour and get ripped!

What body type do you have?

Are your muscles ripped, like the way I have described above?

See you in the comments.

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