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Buzzers… Tuesday…

This is how you build an S-curve body

Mondays @ busy… Which are busy for many folks. Regardless of where one lives.And regardless of where one lives… Is why the S-curve formulas approach, is a global one. I’ve travelled to many places… Meeting people from all walks of life.

And every conversation I have with them. Ends with me, giving them a solution ‘option’.

‘Option’… Is what has lead to the introduction of this, on the newsletter…

S-curve formula program of the moment: The interval phase

There is only one S-curve formula. But it needs to be approached differently. To cater to ones lifestyle.

And people live differently. So… We have different variations of putting the S-curve formula to good use.

– Lifestyle/Results phases
– Lifestyle phase ‘Lite’ (Usually for those who need a ‘little’ help)

Interval phase

And which one you need to be on. Is what we find out, after having a 121 chat with you

So that’s where you need to go. If help is needed @ physical, mental, lifestyle fix.

She said it was too long

That is… The blueprint tips list. And yes… It is a long one. It’s almost never ending. It would take you a full year of reading newsletters, to see them all.

Which is why they’re spread out (The ones most relevant to you), over time… In a structured way. Once you start as an official member.

Some of these tips have moved over to FB stories now. But the detailed ones… Will still get published on the newsletter. Email and Messenger.

So today… We’ll give some.

Body part blueprint tips (An S-curvish body)


The goal for many… Is to have lean arms. And to kill the size.

So wether it’s triceps or biceps. It’s all about doing…

> High reps
> Low sets
> Medium weight
> Effective exercises only


It’s all about getting your collar bone to show. And to kill the fat that sits in that area.

However… Spot reducing fat loss, isn’t really possible. Since it shreds, the same way an onion peels.

Which means if you target your chest area. You’ll probably end up shrinking your boobs by a cup size.

So… It’s all about remaining ‘soft lean’. And the way to gauge that. Is by focusing on activity levels. And keeping an eye on your LIVE update member page.

But in terms of exercises though… You simply keep muscle building in mind.

> Focus on ‘high’ incline push press variations
> Avoid all decline variations (Unless stated otherwise)
> Avoid lateral exercises


You have to focus on ‘soft lean’ abs. Because the first pacs to show. Are the first top two. Which sit right under your boobs.

If you shred fat in this area. Your abs will show. But your boobs will shrink too.

So… We focus on effective lower ab exercises.

> Exercises that isolate the movement in your arms and core area
> Hanging half leg raises
> Laying leg kicks

There are others. But they don’t isolate. Which could lead to fat loss in other places (Including boobs). Which makes them less effective.


What we end up doing here… Depend on what your struggle is.

The universal struggle… Is mostly the upper butt.

If you don’t have a natural upper butt area. Then we’re simply going to have to work with what you’ve got.

How well it builds. Is all about…

– Genetics
– Making sure you get on a Results Phase (That’s how you get the most effective results… And fast). Or an Interval Phase… If you’re a little more serious.

Exercise examples 

> Side to side kneeling leg lifts, kneeling on a bench + ankle weights
> The clam, with a very heavy dumbbell

There’s others. But we only discuss them, as we move through the strength and exercise progression module, as an active member.

Remember… Month #1 really is only the beginning.

We live in an instant gratification era at present. And in some areas of life. That can be achieved. But not when it comes to getting an S-curvish body.

It usually takes some powerful 121 coaching sessions to see you through that. So once again. FB stories > Get comfortable in our 121 FB Messenger chats.

And remember… #Boutine rules all!

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– More > ‘Anywhere’ workout shenanigans

– The nutrient rich supplements. Like I mentioned over the weekend. But also… The essential/health related ones too. Like > ‘Upgraded’ biotin.

– S-curve formula > habit building tools

– > Poolside bikini-curvish shenanigans


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