Build abs with no exercise?

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Now, there were some other foods that I could have mentioned which are very effective for fat loss and building abs, which I do so HERE. But I wouldn’t consider most of those foods to be ‘special’. Well, not like the ones mentioned in the video above. Nevertheless, add those foods to your diet and remember the basics I talked about..

  • Fat loss can not be spot reduced (Which is why this video is titled ‘Special Foods for Fat Loss (And Abs)”
  • Always try to eat a carb and protein food source with every meal
  • Nutritional timing is key
  • Consistency is key
  • 70% Diet 30% Gym (Give or take)


To all our fitness successes

Shaun and Team Fit Bug


You can follow the entire Fit Bug Crazy Abs FREE video series from THIS PAGE onwards if ab building is your ‘thing’

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