Broken adults can’t be fixed… But WE teach them new tricks! 

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But WE teach them (And if that’s YOU…) new tricks! 

Buzzers… Wednesday…

It’s been a week of mostly 121 chats so far.

That’s where almost all important activity happens now.

– It’s not blog post comment sections.
– It’s not email replies.
+ It’s not social media post/video comments (in general… Today, it is though… In a strong way).

But for us in S-curve world… 121 chats is where it’s at.

People will just eye up the posts. And just message. Out of curiosity, or because they’ve become a deeper level fan. And want to get more involved.

It’s a continuous process. And all those who are exposed to it… Are at different levels within that process.

Your version of…

You see this…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
That’s what you’ll see, every single day via our social media posts.It’s all there to inspire you and give you ideas, outside of your daily norm. And to put thoughts into your head.

But the reality is… You probably won’t get to live that lifestyle ‘consistently’.


– Moms with kids
– Career professionals and business owners
– Further education students

Life is intense for those who fit into those roles. So our job… Is to get you living a Tis the S-curve experience version… For YOU.

That… Is what we find out. Only when we start having 121 chats. Hence… Why 121 chats is where it’s at in S-curve world.

Broken adults can’t be fixed 

But WE teach them (And if that’s YOU…) new tricks.

Yup… And from my own observation. This is partly true.

– Some people know they are broken. And figure out they need to kill their pride. And become students again (Personally…. I have to do this. As I’m constantly learning about you. Your goals are always changing too. So even more so…).

– Some people are broken and can’t be fixed. At which point. Most teachers will focus on teaching the ‘kids’ of the world instead @ brains are still ‘spongy’ :).

But… In S-curve world. We do indeed fix the broken YOU.

It takes a 1-3 months to get you into the flow of the fix. But we do get it done.

Again… This is why you need to get into the 121 chats early. Because it takes a lot of chats, before you naturally turn into an S-curve member.


Which is why you’re never ‘sold to’ on here. Or why you never see a program posted on social media.

Becoming a member is something that you organically/naturally decide upon yourself. Just with some extra assistance from the 121 chats.

How to get involved? @ the business side of things in S-curve world?

That’s a question from a newbie follower, earlier this year.

They want results. And I said that they can start (With a simple formula). And to then, document that story so far. Which will then be published on And updated over time.

So it’s like doing a detailed version of an S-curve member story.

Just… You’ll have a high ranking web page out there. With your professional details listed as an article author.

So that is open to you to… If that question has ever popped into your head.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Workout + humpday mode attire

– > Olynpic rings

– > Because of…

> Current S-curve formula program variations

Quick fire blueprint tips

– A Results Phase… Is when you turn on the ‘this is not good enough’ attitude. Hence… Why you push harder for results during this time period.

– Stick to liquid fruit @ pre/post workout.

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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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