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It’s time to remind you of the length of time it truly takes, to get your body to the 60-100% S-curvish


I’m talking, life after the noticeable results stage.


Because the probability of quitting is a lot higher at the 1-3 month stage of initially starting.

And there’s no point fooling yourself that you don’t want to look your S-curvish best. Because you see

yourself in the mirror everyday. Several times a day. Especially as a lady. And you know this.

It’s universal. It’s an official woman’s ‘thing’. Ha.

And… You can’t fool yourself into doing it on your own as a beginner/intermediate member. Because

you don’t have what it takes yet. Until you reach the stage 4 pro level.

– Which means you’ll probably experience crappy results or no change at all, during those ‘alone’


– Which is of course the reason why you started a program in the first place.

– Which means… You’re going around in circles, repeating the same mistake year after year.

And that…. Is the problem we have been working to solve for the past 4 years.

To stop the constant buying of program’s. Like > this member.

Back to length of time…#1 30 day trial – Foundation and noticeable results periods… Motivation levels are high here. Which

is the best feeling in the world. For you, friends, family, everyone.

#2 2-6 months – You’ll start to see changes around your body. And with your strength levels.

But it’s a grind. That’s the real work that we do here. To help you through that @ the grind stage.
But you’ll be on your way to becoming 60% S-curvish at this point. This is where you would usually

fall off. But of course, that won’t happen any more.

And it’s when you’re on your way to becoming pro.

#3 6-12 months> Pam’s pictures. I always use the best S-curve member examples to explain

anything that I talk about here.

‘Her’ picture timeline, is how long it’ll take for most.

But what’s more important, is her communication timeline that you can see on FB messenger chats.
That’s what a lifestyle phase convo timeline looks like.


Everything is live and real now. The face to face and online experience is the same.

So don’t even try to hide behind some BS online hissy fits. Because I’ll call you out on your BS. Just

like I do when face to face in > these videos. Ha. Just try me.

And remember… If you’re a ‘Dianne FitBuzzer’ from yesterday’s newsletter. Then… We’re currently

doing > this program for you. You don’t have to reply first, to start. But everyone always does.

And you’ll be communicating with me the moment you do, anyway.

This is great timing if you have any summer travel-curvish plans. Because you’ll at least look 60%

S-curvish in all of the pictures that you take.

Just scan through Instagram (@fitbuzz) and my own FB profile pics to see what that looks like.

You will not be disappointed.

Reply to talk, add below and > More buzz for everything else.

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