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So… As of August last year, we officially started to make everything happen LIVE or in real time.

– The 121 coaching chats
– The video chats
– The member page content

In short… Bring ‘in person’ face to face shenanigans to the online platform.

Which of course, meant that the S-curve experience is exactly the same, regardless of where we first connected.

– A mall
– A meet up
– An event
– A coffee shop
– An opt-in page (This is where you should send your friends and family too)
– Mutual friends on Facebook
– The @fitbuzz social media channels

It doesn’t matter anymore. What you receive will be the same, no matter who you are.

Of course… Nothing will beat that true face to face connection (At present… Future tech will probably

change that).

But in regards to the above, it was last year that we created a program that was 100% live.

> The 6 week results phase (LIVE STREAMING)

It wasn’t popular then (The current stage 3 program still is). And I’ve started to change things as time

goes on.

But we were thinking ahead. Because that is what the future S-curve program will look like. Or at least

be some variation of that, as things naturally evolve.

All of this is good s***. Because it’ll improve your experience, boost your results, enhance the

relationship that we build and keep you on the fit wagon whilst getting you excited for the following
6-18 month long term stages.

Also… This program addresses the LIVE thing that I spoke about earlier this week.

Which is… That there will be video streaming content sessions. But they won’t be public. The focus

will still be tailored/private live streaming sessions.

We’ll talk more about that over time.

But for now… Let’s get into those blueprint tips, as promised in yesterday’s newsletter

Ingredients – That’s where the magic exists. You’ll go food shopping… And you’ll do the following…

#1 A-C rated? (Totally natural or slightly processed – It needs to be, so that you have a larger pool of

nutrients to munch on and food/meal variety).


– Protein is higher than other similar food variations?
– Carbs are higher than other similar food variations?
– Saturated fat (Or fat overall) is zero?
– Fat is high in mono/poly, yet zero in saturated?
– Certain vitamins and minerals are present in high numbers?
– Fiber is higher than usual? (Like purple/black rice)

If any of the above are true… Then you buy and try. There’ll be a place for it to go within the

S-curve meal structure.

But don’t keep on munching on the food if you don’t like the taste.

For example

Muesli is a great cereal to try with new S-curve members who previously didn’t vary their meals.

But it isn’t the most fun to eat. Granola would be the better option.

We do the same thing with supplements. A good current example, is what we’re doing with the

> 4 gauge pre-workout that I mentioned the other week.

It’s just a test. But we like to test things in general. Because that’s what has helped us improve

the S-curve formula over the past few years.

However… When it comes to supplements, the only ones that truly help long term, are whey and

casein. That’s it. Everything else is extra.

You don’t need to taste them either, because they’re usually added to the S-curve meals.

But they really do help.

Too much talk for a Sunday already. So… Tomorrow…

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