Booty returns @ FitBuzzer Stephy (New pics)

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Let’s remind ourselves of the S-curve process here…

Stage 1

You’re brand new. Never tried a program. You’re not totally sure about things yet.

$10 and you a get a ‘the right direction’ plan.

So… You could still win on your own. Even if you didn’t ever take on another program. But if it’s a good program that you’re after. Then… We wouldn’t just leave you hanging. You need that higher level of help.


Stage 2

The 30 day trial ‘is’ the best program (gold) experience.

We’re learning about you, you’re learning about all things S-curvish. For some… The experience is very different to what they’ve done before.

But then, they start winning. And question things no more. Ha.

Stage 3

You know ‘what’s up’ at this point. You’re in.

This is where the true program begins. The reason why it’s best to start on gold, is because we’re very hands on and intense. There’s a lot to learn. Which usually happens over a 6-18 month time period. But it gets easier over time. Which is why we have the bronze program.

Stage 4

6-12 months on stage 3 it is for most people. But like I said… It gets easier over time. However… Most members have been here for 3-5+ years.

They always come back.

The 90-100% S-curve goal is 1-5 years in this lifestyle. So you’ll need ‘something’ to look after you during this period.

And that’s what stage 4 is for. Which we’ve been working on since 2016. And > talked about since Monday.

Talking of coming back though…

The return of FitBuzzer Stephy

You can see, her story so far on > this page. And I’ve added her recent S-curvish pics to the page too. Just scroll down to the bottom.

Yup. Still very S-curvish.

She doesn’t post a lot of pics like that. Because there are a lot of ups and downs in her life… Like everyone else.

That’s what it’s like after your initial 6-12 month period of becoming S-curvish. You can see that in her picture story too. As she was very active in the beginning stages.

Either way… It’s been 3-5 years since she first made the change to become S-curvish. And today, as you can see… She’s still very much there.

She hasn’t slipped back into her less-curvish self that you can see in her first pictures.


#1 Becoming S-curvish
#2 Shredding to smexy

We’ve been at this since 2011-12. We’re truly in this for the long term. It was said then. And it’s being said now, all these years later. Everything has been documented.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is #1 or #2. Your long term time line will look similar Stephys, above.

The most important part of that, is that you don’t ever have to do it alone. ‘Alone’ is tough.

Now let’s get back to living this awesome lifestyle. And take a look at all recent travel-curvish pics too via > More buzz pages.

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