Booty on repeat part 3 (Q & A sequel)

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Yesterday was a repeat of Monday. With the World Cup shenanigans taking over everyone’s attention.

Just take a look through my own FB stories and timeline to get a hint.

Yesterday’s newsletter 

I said that there would be a sequel to that Q & A. But I didn’t expect it to come the next day @ today.

Because right after the first World Cup match. I bumped into my interior designer friend again. Who of course, inspired yesterday’s Q & A.

So what did we talk about, in relation to S-curve world yesterday?

Well… He was sitting in the lobby, when I > randomly connected with him again.

And by his side… Was takeaway food. That was to feed him and his team of interior designers (They just finished work at midnight).

And that of course. Led to talking about food. Which is the heart of all things @ becoming S-curvish.

So let’s get into what was asked and discussed.

#1 So… All of us work, any time from 6.00am until midnight. And we’re always on the move.

Home cooked meals are rarely an option. What can I eat to ‘maintain’? Because I can’t change this current ‘life’ routine.

A) Dried fruits and nuts. Always keep a > tupperware stack of them on you, everyday.

– Raisins
– Prunes

– Apricots

– Peaches

B) On the move meal examples…

> Almond milk and granola – Because it tastes OK with warm milk. And you can add those dried fruits to it (You can also eat it our of a tupperware tub).

> Restaurants that offer a cooked > all you can eat buffet – I was a big fan of this in 2015. But by doing this… You and your team would be…

– Eating enough calories (Without thinking about eating enough calories)
– Eating A-C rated
– Eating for energy (Big bonus)
– Would not be unnecessarily over spending on food

#2 I probably won’t be able to workout ‘exactly’, based on how you explained YOUR (My) S-curve formula. So my only concern…. Based on what I’ve learned thus far… Is how can I kill this belly fat effectively?


Just do one ab exercise every single day. As you wake up or before you go to bed. 3-4 sets. I’ll give you a selection of exercises to rotate through.

That’s what we call… Tailored Daily Exercises.

And it’s one of the most simple… Yet powerful features of the S-curve formula.

To conclude

I also explained to him… How we ended up going ‘high end’. And on the spot… I gave him a 1 minute plan… To random people that walked past us in the lobby @ how I would change their physique.

That… Is why we have a high end long term option after the first 30-45 days.

Because today… We can guarantee ‘everything’.

And helping YOU today?

FB stories. Something in there will trigger the start of our chats.

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