Booty on repeat part 2 (Q & A)

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

As you all now know… I’ve been living in a ‘hub’ for the past few years. Which has developed immensely during that time.

Which means I get to meet a lot of people, every single day.

And yesterday… I bumped into an old colleague who does interior designs, throughout all of the condos in this hub. You might have seen the pic > here.

We talked about many things, before the Brazil vs Mexico game kicked off.

But naturally… We ended up talking about becoming S-curvish (It’s for men too now). And he was learning that we are now more of an ‘experience’, since meeting him 4 years ago.

He noticed it instantly.

Like… He admits to the fact that his girlfriend is the one who instigates their 2-3 day trips away. Aka TC2.0 shenanigans.

So he ‘gets’ how we’ve ended up here.

He’s also bulked up a lot since I last saw him. He was almost unrecognisable. So much so… That I ignored him as we stood in the elevator, earlier that day (Crazy… Changing your body can do that).

And he changed… Because of what I taught him, 4 years ago. It left a mark. Because he… Like many others

around the world… Haven’t experienced this ‘S-curve’ level of education.


Right now… He needs to shred up. Because although he initially succeeded. He also started to eat less-curvishly.

– Got results
– Trained less
– Kept the calorie intake up
– Didn’t watch his fat intake <

It looks good from the outside, when fully clothed. But not when naked.

So that led to a Q & A chat, right before the match (I missed the first half because of it. But that’s OK. Because relationships are more important to me).

#1 What do I do for cardio?

Don’t do typical slow-go cardio. Focus on body weight movements.

This is definitely one of those things that people need to be told… Over and over again. Because the treadmill is still the protocol image of the gym/fitness.

But most people use it incorrectly, when the goal is to obtain serious results. Which is why you’ll see a ‘treadmill army’ of people, whose bodies never change.

You see them every time you train. And they look exactly the same, year in year out.

– Focus on bodyweight movements.

– Find someone/something that is a pro at teaching it. In S-curve world. It’s the S-curve bodyweight

circuits. They never ever fail!

#2 How long do I workout for, in each session?

This changes… Based on your on-going results. But here’s some guidelines @ stages 1-4.

Stages 1-3A) S-curve bodyweight circuits for a super shred = 30 minutes/4-5 rounds.

B) Weighted S-curve bodyweight circuit to shred + Shred into ‘soft lean’ S-curvish = 20 minutes/2-3 rounds (You would usually have a lower body fat % than the person above).

C) Weightlifting S-curve workouts to become S-curvish, from a naturally slim frame = 25-40 minutes (With your hardest workouts to be done in the first half of the week).

Stage 4

Short splits routines = 20 minutes.

This is where we choose 3-4 exercises to be done, every time you workout. How often… Isn’t so important.

What is important… Is that you regularly hit the chosen muscle groups.

Because all you’re really doing… Is keeping your results alive, as you live out the fun parts of the S-curve experience. Like TC2.0… Or any of the other fun summer shenanigans that are going on right now.

This is the routine that I’ve personally been doing for the past 2 years.

It’s the best thing ever. And you’ll completely stop obsessing over the ‘gym’. Or… Stop dreading looking forward, to going to the gym.

The Q & A chat would have gone on longer. But I had to run off and watch the game. So a part 2 will come soon.

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