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So… You may have noticed that the newsletter went out a little earlier yesterday. This was because
of an event that I went to with a newsletter FitBuzzer (One of you :)).

Which was funny actually. Because the first thing that she mentioned, was that the newsletter went

out earlier. Ha.

This means that she… And probably you too… Expect to see the newsletter at a certain time of the


This is an S-curve formula thing. Because as a busy individual. You definitely need structure and

routine in your life.

I know this for sure. Because not long after that. S-curve member Aanu revealed that she’s going

through a ‘grind stage’ (When challenges come up and when it gets harder to see improved results
beyond the ‘noticeable’ results period).

She currently needs to spend time focusing on an event that she’s a part of.

The grind stage is where most people usually fall off. But not any more. Not as an S-curve member.

Because we’ve been designing the program, so that no longer happens. And so that you don’t have
to buy program’s year after year. Just one solid long term process @ > stages 1-4.

– The lifestyle phase
– Tailored Daily Exercise videos
– The 121 chats at any time of the day…

Will get her through the grind stage.

Back to yesterday’s event

It was all about meeting people like you. ‘Fitness’ types… But mostly career professionals.

(Pics have been added to the S-curve shenanigans album on my Facebook profile below)

The discussions that I have with them in person, enables me to create S-curve formula solutions that

make sense.

And it all happened whilst eating S-curvishly and cheat snacking too (The perfect environment to group


Which is what we talked about in > yesterday’s newsletter.

Give that a read. Because that’s exactly how you’ll live your life on the main S-curve program.

I’m personally living the exact same lifestyle.

The main thing to say about the above. Is that everything that you see on here, is happening

‘in the moment’. All live @ today’s headline.

So expect to see more of that.

Let’s have some actionable blueprint tips to end the 5 day week…

#1 Butt fix – 2 x 7 reps of the foot raised single leg quadruped hip extension with ankle weights. Add it

to two of your workouts in a one week period for a month.

However… You need to be put through the strength progression exercises to do this exercise effectively

@ serious s***.

#2 Arms fix – Close grip pull ups + half reps + 5 x 5 reps + 30 second breaks between sets.

Add this to exercise to all of your upper body workouts for a month for the S-curvish arms that we spoke

about recently.

But it’ll only make a noticeable difference if your body fat percentage is below 25%.

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