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Now… As a reminder. It’s the gold plan experience that you’ll get when you become a member
on the 30 day trial, for that entire first month.

This is done, so that you know how ‘gold’ feels.

And… Because it’ll guarantee that first 2-4 week ‘noticeable’ results that you’ve seen several

times on here.

So yes… It indeed does feel like a challenge during that first month. So you need to be ready

for that.

In fact… Let’s rename the 30 day trial for this moment in time and call it a challenge.

> The 30 day S-curve challenge 2017

Since that’s what it officially turned into, around August of last year. Mostly because of what

> these members achieved.

Which of course, inspired many newsletter FitBuzzers to become official S-curve members.

Those newsletter blueprint tips

Seriously… The list is endless. That’s why I throw them out to you in the newsletter.

However… Not all of them will be of use to you ‘today’.

But they will all be of use to at some point during the 6-18 month active S-curve member

period. And definitely over a 1-5 year period.

We tailor the plans so that everything is structured. So you won’t need to guess what to do next.

You can just ‘do’ and then ‘expect’.

Knowing the A-Z path truly is a sigh of relief when it comes to becoming S-curvish.

It’s a (Made simple over 3-4 years) process. Life complicates it. Which is why you fall off. Which

is why the program exists. Which is how we fix you.

The S-curve video workouts

It’s old news now… @ workouts that you can do anywhere.

But the workouts are designed, so that it’s easy to switch exercise variations, depending on

where you decide to workout (Gym, bedroom, beach…).


– Bench press > Anywhere = Feet raised super rep push ups.

– Walking dumbbell lunges > Anywhere = High tension bodyweight lunges with 10 second rest

periods between each set.

The anywhere workouts have become even more important, now that the world is more

connected. And that we’re connecting on mobile connections on several mobile devices.

The workouts aren’t in 4k resolution. And they’re only 2-10 minutes long. So they won’t be

eating up your data, if you decide to follow the video as it plays.
Past S-curve members

You’ll all have member pages. Usually with 3-6 months of tailored content.

However… Today… Everything is more LIVE. We do things to fix the ‘today’ YOU. And of

course, it’s more than just the physical fix. It’s the other 65% non-workout stuff that’ll help you
the most (The big focus this year).

This is where FB messenger 121 coaching comes in to save the day.

The coaching… Which has saved several stubborn S-curve members to actually start seeing

results, compared to doing it on their own, wasting time and not seeing a difference.

> Stage 4 is for you @ past members.

We’ll prepare you for next week with some more blueprint tips tomorrow. But as usual, reply to

talk, add below and > More buzz for daily updates.
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