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If you have been following Stay-Fit Bug for at least the past 6 months, then there’s a good chance that you know about the unique bodyweight exercise ebook. But let’s not talk about the ebook for the moment (You’ll get plenty of info on that before the months end).

Let’s just talk about bodyweight exercises.

Now, since starting this site back in July 2009 I have successfully re-engaged myself back into the fitness lifestyle (You can read the fully story here). But what’s more important is that I have begun motivating and inspiring others, using techniques I know that work from experience.

Are they unique?

Well… only you can be the judge of that. But so far so good I think.

Any how, since then, I have got back into the swing of things. But the most interesting thing about my recent workouts is that they have consisted mostly of bodyweight exercises (weight assisted in my case).


Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen those guys in the gym that are the size of your house, but are a complete embarrassment when it comes to lifting their own bodyweight. Which means they are functionally weak! Which means that the much smaller guy in the room has a good chance of knocking the monster sized guy out in a flash. Or if you don’t like violence (I actually encourage non-violent activity), beat him in an arm wrestle.

The morale of the story = Why have all that size if only to look good?

Which is still questionable is some cases!

And this is why I focus on functional strength first. Also, the strength you build from bodyweight exercises such as pull ups/ chin ups will help you with the opposite freeweight exercise movements, such as the over head press and bench press.

Yes… body weight exercises doesn’t mean abandoning free weight exercises

Ir’s about including both to help you achieve your personal goal. Which for most of you is this…

Build supreme lean muscle mass  (BF 10% or less) with a good amount of bulk.

I think Chad Shaw’s physique is a good example of this.

Rest assured.. you will get there!

And for the lady readers here…

Ok Shaun, functional strength is a bonus. What are the other benefits of bodyweight exercises?

Helps increase metabolism

Because you will be building lean muscle mass

Once your body becomes lean, you can join the high metabolism brigade. A group of people that have the luxury of burning fat even when stationary. Because that’s exactly what lean ‘mature’ muscle does.

Stubborn fat loss equals short burst workouts

I know that many of you want to bulk up and take your muscles to the next level. I know this because of all the questions I get about…

‘Which supplements should I take – which of course can be found here’

But I also know that many of you are struggling to shred those annoying layers of fat surrounding your body.

The answer?

Short burst workouts!

That’s what will get you leaned out in a flash!!!

Now, the best way to stay in shape, mentally and physically is by treating what we do as a lifestyle. All of us are different and we will all have different goals and different past failures/successes with attempts to building a better body.

That of course means there are many aspects to the lifestyle that will affect the levels of success we all have…for the long term. And I plan to go over those attributes in detail in the upcoming program that I’m currently working on. But for the sake of this post, let’s begin with bodyweight exercises for a quick fix, which of course are key ingredients to the short burst workouts.

The best parts about this?

  1. No gym membership required
  2. No extra room required
  3. No need to spend money on additional home gym equipment (Although it can definitely help)
  4. Perfect for your winter workouts (Something that I spoke about 1 year ago on here)

There are of course other benefits. Such as using leverage. But for now, make sure you grab the FREE report below, which is one of a few that you’ll receive on the build up to the launch of version 3.0 of the unique bodyweight exercise ebook on 30th September 2010.


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