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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s been a busy week. And as with every year… Life just kicks in. And you rarely get a moment to stop/pause… To get a moment of clarity.

Which leads to ‘events’. Some great. Some not so great. And that of course, is what creates the whole ‘new year new me’ thing, at the end of each year.

We have of course, put and end to that… For those who become S-curve members.

And that’s the area of the S-curve experience, that is heating up right now. Which happens every year, around this time @ ‘Becoming S-curvish’.

This year is a little different though. As the followers who inspired > yesterday’s newsletter (Bookmark that), are already invested in the S-curve experience. Since they follow 1 or more of the @fitbuzz social media accounts (You’ll find them all on More buzz @ the end of each newsletter below).

So… They aren’t random strangers (Neither are you, if you’re reading this @ established you are).

Now… I’m going to be busy in 121 chats all day. And probably for most of the summer season. So on this day… I’m going to leave you with some S-curve member blueprint tips.

And blue?

Ah… That’s just me, emphasising that we make sure your butt looks good > in jeans (Harder to achieve).

Not just in thin fabric leggings and swimwear.

#1 The process of becoming S-curvish…

Yes… We have created an S-curve formula. Based on proven science and years of experience, fixing you all.

But it’s not what it sounds like.

The S-curve formula… Simply has features in place… That help correct the inevitable mess that will happen, as you begin your journey to become (At least 60%) S-curvish, whilst living a balanced daily life (Not easy).

For example… 

– The Tailored Daily Exercise video will become your best friend, when you can’t get a full workout in.

– Or when you haven’t been cheat snacking or eating S-curvish properly… Consuming too much crappy fats. The TDE will ensure that you don’t ever pile on the pounds @ consistent fat burn.

– A cheat snack variation will save the day when you can’t get main meals in @ just eat something (Nuts… Bananas). Or to simply just eat ‘something’… As long as it’s the right nutrients for the > time of day.

#2 There’s a lot of blueprint tips. But you only need to use a few, at any given time.That’s what the 121 coaching chats are for.

That ‘giving’ of the correct blueprint tips, daily… Is part of what makes the S-curve formula work for YOU.


You won’t see ‘why’ S-curve members become successful… Until you become one yourself.

So if you know that you need to be fixed. Start…

> This is the current way that new members are starting.

TGIF happy…


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