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+ S-curve member story update

Buzzers… Suetday…

Yup… This year, more than ever before. I’ve been merging the online and offline experiences together.

– The local networks
– Global networks
– Social media followings
– How things get done
It’s all being squished together into one big family.

Forget about formulas and details. We just want take make life more awesome for everyone involved.

And this year, more than ever before. I’ve seen a lack of knowledge, in so many areas, of the ‘now’ S-curve experience.

So… Everyone is merged. Let the learning and living continue.

Today @ yesterday’s shenanigans…

Remember the S-curve member stories that we introduced this year. And highlighted in our Sunday recap?

Well… Say re-hello to > S-curve member Amy (Scroll to the bottom). Who is also a part of the ‘look 10-15 years younger than your biological age’ club.

She came to us back in 2013, when what you see today, was the OSC program… Then (Ebooks/That calculator from last week and other bits).

As you can see. She had absolutely no butt. But even before that, she was curvy @ hard to believe.

If she knew better at the time. She would have shredded into an S-curve, instead of a skinny fat/slow-go cardio body type.

But hey. That’s why we exist. So that you go through zero trial and error.


We got her started on the right path. She did see butt growth. But it did take a while.

– Mostly because we wasn’t doing high end program’s back then.

– And because she was doing various other activities (This will lead to the next list that you should print out. But for now… Print out/wallpaper yesterday’s blueprint tips first).

Shortly after that… She started to do contest stuff. And as she found out… You can’t have the best of both butts, if you go that route.

Which is why you need to state what activities you currently do when you officially start on here.

But today…

> Some words from her (Yesterday)… Which you can see in full, on her S-curve member story above.

And from the most recent pic… You can see that she has indeed become S-curvish. So ya… A lot of FitBuzzers and S-curve members are still very active.

Take a look at the @fitbuzz FB page profile pic too.

That’s FitBuzzer Charlie Francis. Her story is a little different. But as you can see in that pic… She became S-curvish too.


Like I’ve said earlier… I’ve combined all networks into my FB profile below. So it’s all ‘community’.

Everyone is connected to ME in some way. So now… I’d like to know more about YOUR story so far.


Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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