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Have you started thinking about going on a diet? Just starting the process is a challenge in and of itself, but sifting through all the diet industry noise can be a real challenge. Between the conflicting information of low-carb versus low fat, versus point tracking and deciding whether beans are a carb—it’s all enough to make you want to reach for the cookies and give up.

Take heart. We’ve put together a few tips that’ll leave youfeeling prepared to choose the best diet plan for weight loss. The best plan that’s right for you.

Quality Over Quantity

You’ve got a limited number of calories you’ll need to consume, right? Well that means you’ve got to use that space wisely. Instead of stocking your fridge with NutraSweet-packed yogurts and Lean Cuisines, look toward quality proteins, vegetables, and whole grains—not empty calories and sad low-fat alternatives to “real food.” Tufts School of Medicine has an easy-to-follow guide that lays out the groundwork of a healthy diet.

Figure Out What Your Calorie Requirements Are

All of us, in our myriad shapes and sizes, have different calorie requirements. This all depends on factors like your weight and height, your age, and physical activity levels.  A good first step is to look at your total daily energy expenditure, or TDEE, for short. Use this calculator here to find out what you need to stay healthy, lose weight, or maintain ideal energy levels.

Once you’ve got a sense of how many calories you’ll actually need to reach your weight goals, you can start putting together a diet plan.

Find a Workout that Works for You

Weight loss is a journey and going all in on making healthier food choices is but one piece of the puzzle. Look at the yoga studios in your area, try a spin class, or give CrossFit a chance. Or sign up for a traditional gym membership to get a sense of what workouts you like to do.

Many boutique fitness studios provide an intro offer so you can learn if their solution is right for you. Or save a few bucks and move the workout into your home. Work out triceps, calves, and more with StayFit Bug’s routines.

So, What is the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

Unfortunately, there’s no real answer to that question. Everyone’s body is different—some people do really well on a diet that emphasizes protein and cuts back on carbs like bread and pasta. Other people find that going full Whole30 is a really good choice.

Ultimately, you need to trust your body and eat high-quality foods. Any diet pills or dramatically different diets should be given the green light by your doctor, too, to ensure you are going about weight loss in a safe,  sustainable manner.

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