Bedroom goals on travel-curvish trips (Save this)

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I already know that a lot of you will be booking a travel-curvish trip between now and August.

And we have the S-curve bodyweight circuits to become shred-curvish, which became the summer

routine for that goal.

And with the introduction of the tweak weeks. We now have a becoming S-curvish summer routine too,

via the short splits.

But… If you’ve read > travel-curvish, you’ll know that it’s pretty much impossible to stick to a strict workout

routine on those trips.

I’ve personally done it many times to know.

Besides… A travel-curvish trip is a lifestyle phase shenanigan. So the workouts should not be your focus.
Just check out all of the links on that page to see what I mean.


The solution to the above… Is to do a Tailored Daily Exercise style of workout, that is designed for the

bedroom, hotel.

So today, I’m going to give you an exercise list. So that you can choose any of these exercises to do, in the

morning before you enjoy the day, or before you go to bed.

Choose 3-4 on the day

– Effective exercises focus
– Exercises that won’t cause a big ‘sweat’
– All medium level difficultly (Because who wants to ‘feel the burn’ on these trips…)
– Stick to low reps (Around 8 per set)
– 1-2 sets per exercise

This will last about 10 minutes…

– Tricep push ups > Hands raised variation

– Super rep squats > Split squats (Using the furniture)

– Rotary hold (Using the wall)

– Super rep leg raises

– Super rep bicycle leg raises

– Kneeling high leg lifts

– Shoulder raised single leg glute bridge (Use the bed to rest against)

– Shoulder raised side bends (Use the bed to rest against)

– 3 step standing calves raises with your hands rested against the wall

You’ll find the videos throughout the @fitbuzz channel/> More buzz daily updates. Or much more

‘specific’ via the tweak weeks modules.

Nice and simple today. Stick that in your note pad. Or if you’re an active member/have the ‘stand alone’

tweak weeks… Then you’ll see a video for this shortly, in the page area.

> Last weeks newsletters were pretty beastly. So be sure to dig into those.

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