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People of S-curve world…
Today, is all about highlighting foods and supplements, based on personal experiences using them.
Stuff that we ‘hand on heart’ know…
– Made us feel healthier
– Made us look healthier
Which is very important in 2020, as you’ll know. With Coronavirus and everything surrounding it. 
So feel free to send DM and comment on the foods and supplements that YOU have used, that made you feel the same way. Because we’ll share that with everyone else within S-curve world.
All of this… Is about allowing ALL of us to function at maximum capacity.
The main concern… Is to prevent any kind of sickness. Due to the fact that becoming so, will kill your ability to workout, work and make money.
And over the next 6-12 months… You are going to have to be able to do that.
– Brain health
– Physical health
– Spiritual health
We are currently knee deep into these things daily… Behind the scenes.
But fact of the matter is…
We always have been.
So let’s look at the foods and supplements that we’ve used over time, that absolutely fixed us, during times of despair.

Roar Ambition

Let’s look into the Roar Ambition website (Featured in Sundays newsletter) to see if we can find any health-curvish supplements. Which of course, is the current popular ‘purchase from website’ for the supplements listed on the > S-curve formula page.

Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus via Roar Ambition
Hunter Focus via Roar Ambition
In short… It’s a supplement that improves every action that you take. Which is a big deal for ‘busy people’.
Aka… Everyone who I meet, who seems to be failing at achieving results.
The best visual I can give you to describe what this supplement does. Is by watching the movie limitless, with Bradley Cooper.
Yea… It’s a movie. Which means it’s a little over exaggerated (Kinda has to be… Movie probably wouldn’t ‘sell’ as well otherwise).
It’s the supplement that comes to mind… Whenever we talk about ‘Coming up for air’.
Of course… I’ve talked about this supplement before. Along with > Genius Consciousness 
But that was pre-coronavirus.
Today… We know for sure that your mental game is screwed up. Since we don’t really know where the economy is headed.
So it’s all about doing what we can, to ensure that our thought processes stay performing at a high level.

Prime male enhance

Prime Male Enhance
Prime Male Enhance
I featured this supplement heavily, in this post…
Getting specific and goal focused – With Prime Male Enhance
But one area that truly screws up your ability to ‘perform’ (In the bedroom). Is your mood/thoughts.
You start thinking about the wrong things…. (Hello zero erection). And your significant other will almost always ask ‘what’s wrong’.
What’s wrong today… Is thoughts about uncertainty.
The nootropics supplements will help. But as a guy… Adding this supplements as a ‘buy and try’ will help to put you in a sexual mood.
You think about sex… You perform better.

The CBD supplements

Plus CBD oil via CV Sciences
Plus CBD oil via CV Sciences
This year… We partnered up with CV Sciences. Who offer a range of CBD focused products.
But there’s two main reasons to highlight it in this post…
– To kill help muscle soreness
– To help you sleep better
Muscle soreness
In short… Do not underestimate the ‘Stay at home’ S-curve workouts.
Especially once you’ve built your…
> Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
> Building an advanced ‘simple’ private gym with current day equipment 
Today… You MUST stay physically healthy.
Before… We could take it for granted that we could just go to the hospital if we get really injured (Even I was affected for 4 months during 2019).
Today… Going to a hospital opens you up to catching the Coronavirus.
So it’s 100% about prevention rather than detection.

Go to sleep

You already know that we consistently highlight the > Bear Mattress.
And they too, embrace CBD focused products, within their product lines.
An S-curve workout will put you to sleep.
Adding CBD into the mix… Will help ensure that your sleep cycles remain ‘long’, so that you recover properly.

Gut health

And probiotics….
Yes… You know all about that. And we added Silverfern into the S-curve Partner Program this year too…
Silver Fern Brand
Silver Fern Brand
Yakult is a good option too, of course. Which many S-curve members of the past used, consistently.
But the main reason for highlighting ‘gut health’ here. Is due to the fact that you’ll have a different variety of foods passing through your guts.
And I know from first hand experience. That this can cause you stomach to go crazy. Ultimately giving you some level of diarrhoea.
Yes… It’s happened to me before (NOT a great feeling).
So it’s all about controlling all of the nutrients that enter your guts..
This new social distancing world, is NOT a time to be getting sick… In any capacity.
– Less work
– No workouts
– Negative mindset
No to that. Keep your guts in check.


I won’t get into the scientific specifics of eating pineapple ‘today’.
But one thing that we know for sure… Is that eating it regularly, makes for a more pleasant ‘poo-ing’ experience. Aka less constipation. Which can easily happen, as you load up on heavy carb focused foods.
It’s a good idea to stack up on canned pineapple. And it tastes almost exactly the same as fresh pineapple.

Salicylic acid 

Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid
– More sweat 
– Exposure to certain environments 
Can cause issues with your skin. Usually in the form of fungi. 
I know… As I’ve had personal experience with this. 
That acid simply cured EVERY skin defect I picked up over the years. More so than any other thing I tried. 
Other things worked. Like Bioderm ointment (Which is actually good in some other situations, as it’s not as powerful – Salicylic ‘burns’!).
 But never as good as salicylic acid… Overall.
Note: You don’t have to buy this one. Just read the description, if you’re unfamiliar with salicylic acid.
Also… That one is 20% salicylic acid, with different ingredients.
The one I’ve always used is 10% pure, over the counter salicylic acid.
The above is on Amazon. So you still might find ‘that’ on there.

To conclude

‘Health’ truly is at the forefront of our minds today.
– Because of the Coronavirus
– Because hospitals have become a ‘no-go’ zone
And of course… To ensure that you continue to live a great S-curve Xperience lifestyle.
We’ve always used this stuff.
But again… If there’s anything that you’ve been using to much success. Tell us about it. Because then we’ll put everyone else on to it.

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