Because… This sauce will poison your TG pudding

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That is… To poison your dinner with a sauce so yummy… That you won’t even look forward to dessert. 😛

Buzzers… Thursday/Thanksgiving… To those who celebrate it (I’m more Christmas myself @ current FB profile pic).

Today’s headline

I am talking about Mondays mint sauce on meat.

It really is that yummy. And it’s actually something that’s embraced more @ TG/Xmas meals, than at any other time of the year.

In fact… That’s one big taste enhancer to boring foods that I haven’t even covered before. Which is… Adding fruit to dinner meals (Yes.. I know ‘mint’ isn’t a fruit).

Adding tasty veggies is something we’re already used to.

But tried and tested examples =

– Pasta + raisins/pineapple
– Rice + pineapple
– Others… But this newsletter is LIVE… And my brain is dead at present

We don’t focus on recipes much here. As most people will end up doing their own thing.

Our job… Is to teach you to do your own thing, with the right ingredients.

And to then… Embrace and munch on everything @ festive season shenanigans. Like today @Thanks-  giving… Christmas, TC2.0 trips, BBQ’s.

Why we aren’t worried about unwanted excess fat gain?

A) Because you would need to eat shite-ly, every day… For it to be a problem.

B) You won’t want to eat like that, as going 80% clean makes you want to do it less. And you’ll only want to cheat snack (I personally do this with every main A-rated meal).

C) There’s actually some ‘needed nutrients’ in some of the C/D-F rated foods you’re binging on during these times.

D) Doing so keeps your sweet tongue/tooth at bay.

> Yesterday’s newsletter…

That will apply for the next week and up until December 20th. At which point, we kick our 2018 goals into gear.

Remember… Goals are OK. Resolutions are trash.

More on more buzz…

Everything else that you see outside of the main stage 1-4 shenanigans. Compliment… And are a part of the S-curve experience.

But in terms of Black Friday goodies. It’s…


> skreened
> cafe press
And the protocol supps @ > Xtend, whey, casein.

I highlight the short version on how we use the protocol supplements on that Xtend page too. A lot of people

are still new to using supplements as taste enhancers on boring foods.

So expect us to spend some time with that when you officially start @ habit building shenanigans.

So simple. Yet so effective.

Enough talk for now. It’s a festive day. Continue tomorrow. And > More buzz is where everything lives.


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