Be Cautious About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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A study conducted with older men in 2010 showed that testosterone replacement therapy or TRT relatively elevates the risk of cardiac problems. Hormone replacement therapy should be approached cautiously by men suffering from low testosterone-related issues. Contrary to popular belief, it is hardly a magical corrective measure! On the contrary, it is simply a treatment option with its own set of side effects.

Before you choose TRT as your preferred option, there are some preparatory measures to undertake. First, take stock of your health. Second, assess natural testosterone enhancement supplements. There are effective formulations like Andro 400 and many more. You can refer to Andro 400 reviews and those of other supplements on Mens Health Digest, which is a trusted source for well-balanced, unbiased reviews.


Perform a Health Assessment


  • Understand the symptoms: Very low testosterone levels in the blood may result in symptoms like depression, lack of self-confidence, difficulty in concentrating, and a general lack of well-being. You might also feel fatigued, experience tenderness around the breasts and witness sudden weight gain. The more prominent symptoms include lack of sex drive and libido, and erectile dysfunction.


  • Rule out other causes: Once such persistent symptoms are witnessed, consider ruling out other possible causes before blaming the hormone levels. For instance, if you have been experiencing fatigue, ask yourself, am I eating right? Do I sleep enough? Am I getting enough exercise? Similarly, for low sex drive, it is important to evaluate psychological issues and relationship problems, if any.


  • Evaluate your health condition: Remember, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a plethora of health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, kidney problems and so on. Consider a complete health check up to rule out these before seeking testosterone replenishment.


Be Sceptical about TRT


Once low testosterone has been established as the cause of your current problem, you need to look for ways to replenish the hormone. TRT may not be the most suitable alternative to rely on. Here’s why:


  1. Side Effects: Side effects of TRT include acne outbursts, irregular breathing patterns during sleeping, swelling around the breasts and ankles, and a spike in the RBC count, increasing the risk of clotting.
  2. Long Term Risks: There is evidence of long term risks, such as heart attacks and strokes, in patients who have undergone replacement therapy. Some doctors are also of the opinion that testosterone therapy can increase the risk of developing prostate cancer in men.


Natural Supplements are the Best Solution

If dipping male hormone levels is a concern, natural testosterone enhancement supplements come to the rescue. Most of these pills combine natural herbs with essential nutrients and pack in a real punch. You can witness quick results without the undesirable side effects, if you stick to the recommended dosage. However, it important to go through product reviews, such as those for Andro 400, for correct information on the dosage, ingredients and side effects to make an informed choice.

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