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Everyone that reads this will have varying body types and each of your fitness goals will all be different because of that.

If you are having trouble focusing on a goal to achieve your desired body, have a read of my guest post on Balancing cardio exercises for weight training

Although your goals will be different, striving for the ripped bodybuilder look is something you should definitely aim for.

What does that title mean?

It means that if you build muscle to bulk up, you will appear large in size, but you will actually be closer to fat and could pass for a fat man. But if you build lean muscle, you will look slimmer, but you will also look a lot healthier, fitter, be stronger and possibly more intimidating that your fat man counterparts. For example, Who do you find more intimidating?


See what I mean?

The key thing with building lean muscle is that there is more focus and emphasis on bringing out the muscles shape. That is what ‘getting ripped’ means. That ripped muscle is what will make you appear bigger in size (with clothes off) and you are more likely to catch someone’s eye from a distance, as the muscle more is defined.

You will feel better

Once you look good and know you look good, you will naturally feel good too, inside and out. The reason for feeling good inside is because to get ripped, you would have adopted a good diet consisting of lean meat, carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits. This would lead to the good old saying of

Strong body = strong mind

You will be more confident and yes, you are allowed to let your ego run wild. Yes, you may piss some people off, but who cares, you look good dammit!

Gaining strength

Because you would have lost all of that bulk (which may have been fat) you will then feel more flexible and free. But most importantly, you would have gained in strength. The reason you would have gained in strength is because in order to get ripped you would need to have focused on bodyweight exercises and some free weights exercises. Both of which are great for building real functional strength. One key thing you could focus on is compound exercises. These are exercises that use all four limbs and are great for building the all round muscle and strength of your body.

Overall, this is the look that you will want. Whether you are into impressing others, the opposite sex or yourself (in the mirror), this is the look that will leave an impact. Keep a look out for future posts where I’ll describe the diet and weightlifting routine to help you achieve this look.

Are you ripped?
How did you do it?

See you in the comments.

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