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Buzzers… Choose today…

That title sounds a little different in reverse eh @ back to basics booty. Like saying, we’re backing up the proof of our own s*** on here @ S-curvish results. Hehe.


Yesterday… We discussed each element of the S-curve experience, as listed at the top of > More buzz.

And today… We’re going to go back and look at what makes up the ‘becoming S-curvish’ parts of all this.

It’s been a while since we’ve done that (Last time was the 2016 new member ‘rush’). So let’s get into it…

#1 The S-curve meal structure

You’ll find the 9-5 work day variation of this on More buzz (There’s 3 other variations).

But all it really is… Is putting the right ingredients into your body, at the right time of day. In order to give you an energy efficient day. And to ensure that you start to look > like this.

Like I said last week… We still use the nutrition/activity level calculator that I personally created in 2011 to help us in this area (I have a strong background in ‘math’).

Especially once your nutrition shenanigans become more advanced, as you progress beyond 60% S-curvish. Because that’s when noticeable results are much harder to come by.

That’s when most people quit (And rightfully so, if you don’t know what the fudge you’re doing). But that won’t be you!

Because YOU… Are in S-curve world now.

#2 The S-curve workouts

A) Earlier YouTube vids of ME.

> 10-15 minutes
> Loads of verbal education whilst working out
> High energy (I’ve lost that now 🙁 )

B) S-curve member only vids

> Tailored Daily Exercise (2-3 mins)
> S-curve ‘anywhere workout’ vids (They’re gym workouts that can be done anywhere, due to our ‘tweaks’ to exercises – 5-15 mins)
> S-curve bodyweight circuit vids (3-5 mins)

C) The new bikini/TC2.0 vids on the other free YouTube (35K) channel.

That’s all the video stuff that you’ll see now.

You’ll catch a lot of ‘C’ everyday, if you’re following the daily posts on social media.

#3 The 60% non-workout/nutrition stuff

Most of this falls under 121 coaching chats via Messenger.

As you may have noticed… A lot of the reasons as to why you’re failing. Is due to the mental state you’re in, at any given time.

So it’s all about fixing that, via chat. The most recent visible example of this… Was with the chat with new

 > FitBuzzer Mai the other week.

That’s it.

It’s good to revisit the things that we actually do everyday. Just like when we do the weekend RECAPO on Sundays.

It keeps us on track.

Talking with everyone, keeps us on track too. So feel free to reach out and talk.

Talking things out isn’t the same as 121 coaching chats. So don’t be scared to light up a conversation via Messenger.

You can optional

It seems that the stuff that I predicted would happen in that area, are starting to materialise and come true.

So I’m almost certain, that ‘You can optional’, will become a protocol part of the S-curve experience in some way, in the not so distant future.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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