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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s been an eventful week here. At it ended that way too on my end @ movies and World Cup shenanigans.  You’ll know this for sure, if you’re following me on Facebook.

Today’s headline was about the new Incredibles 2 film. The first was came out 14 years ago (My gosh)!

But yes… Go and watch it. With people of all ages. You’ll enjoy.

Today… We’re just going to…


Let’s look back at it @ past week.


– Can I (You) really do this?!?!?


– My own random meet ups, often trigger a little Q & A chat about the S-curve experience. This was one of

those days.


– An unexpected sequel to Tuesdays newsletter.


– A long list of reminder blueprint tips


– An entire (Unplanned) day spent with a FitBuzzer that I’ve introduced to you before.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– ‘Soft lean’ is the goal @ > here and > here

– > Morgan Freeman HIIT cardio

– > Drones (See latest Instagram TC2.0 post)

Tomorrow… Or FB stories.


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