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Buzzers… Humpday… (Mid-week meaning)

We’ve been internet-ing for a while now (You can read the back story > here).

And back in the early days… There was Ask Jeeves. Which was a search engine with a guy in a suit as the logo (From what I remember).

It’s now Ask (dot)com today.

And today… We’re going to have a ‘You ask and I answer’ day, for all things S-curve world.

So let’s get into it… @ becoming S-curvish/shred-curvish questions.

So… What’s the deal with ‘food’ here?

Well… Many mess this up. And after countless convos with people, over time. The conclusion I’ve come to as to ‘why’. Is because people are following food shenanigans that are not in line with their goals or lifestyle!

In S-curve world… We eat based on…

A) Getting your body to > look like this
B) To still enjoy the things you currently like to eat
C) Eat to keep your body looking like that over the long term

We created > this protocol S-curve meal structure back in 2011-12.

And as of this year… It has evolved into the following official food list…

– 2017 S-curve members… Check your member pages…
– Past members… It’ll be added to your member pages if you become active on stage 3 for one month or more, or starting on stage 4.

#1 Tasty A-rated foods

Fruit is the ‘go-to’ for that. But you can’t eat fruit all day long. And almost every other A-rated food is boring as f***.

So we have an entire list on how to spice up ya main meals.

Example = – Oats + raisins + chia seeds + blueberries.

#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods

The protocol list linked above. Just look at that.

It’s A-C rated, to ensure that you get the much needed varied nutrients entering your guts. It’s a serious results booster. Especially if you’ve failed @ becoming S-curvish on your own.

#3 – Foods that contain a high amount of a nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type

Like… Protein in wild rice.

That’s the kinda thing you look for, if you can’t add meat to your meals. Or to simply hit your protein intake goals, without worrying about eating enough protein specific foods.

#4 – Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type.

Like…Bulgar wheat.

This is great when preparing…

Breakfast – As you can eat once, without getting hunger pains for several hours.

Dinner – So that you can go to bed, 3-4 hours after eating, without craving for night foods.

#5 Foods that keep you feeling full

This applies to day time shenanigans. As not feeling full, may lead to snacking on too many convenient D-F rated foods. Especially if you work in an office that’s loaded with them.

2 of my own favorites are pineapple and bananas. And the one we usually put you onto, at some point in your plan, is casein.

I won’t explain ‘why’ until you become a member. And you will see why, once you do.

#6 > Exploring the world of food, with your new fixed mindset

That is the ultimate part of ‘food’, within the S-curve experience.

Especially when it comes to > TC and TC2.0 trips.

And… How does ‘working out’ work?

– Bodyweight movements
– Weight training
– A sport you enjoy for HIIT activity (Optional)

What’s needed?

– Smartphone/Tablet for streaming vids and 121 coaching chats

– Any random open space (Park, room inside a building)

– Any near by gym, regardless of where you are at any given time

– Any supermarket


That’s the two main ones to answer.

Most of the questions that pop up, are actually towards you. Because the more that’s known about YOU = The better the tailored program for YOU. Which leads to a better or faster outcome overall.

So > answer these to begin with.

Add/Follow/Message below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for everything else.


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