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Buzzers… Sunday…

There are a lot of ‘evolutionary’ things going on in the world right now. All of which, will affect all of us in some way, in a not too distant future.

All of which… I’ll highlight, in 2018 and beyond. LIVE, via this newsletter or the FB page newsletter.

And looking back at 2017. It was the most consistent year @ S-curve members staying on the wagon… For the long term and actually succeeding.

That… Is not easy to do. And it continues to get done. As we continue to put ourselves in your shoes.

All of that ‘becoming S-curvish’ stuff isn’t always fun.

Geez… Most of the time, I’m doing this years Short Splits Routine as my main workout (You’ll learn why if you chat 121. As I’ll just tell you straight).

But the ‘less fun’ aspect, is one reason why we turned everything into an experience. Just scan the @fitbuzz Pinterest timeline for a visual of what that looks like. Or head to my FB timeline + shenanigans photo/video album.

But today… We > RECAPO. Let’s go…

Note: You’ll find that every new newsletter is connected to the ones that came before it. This should make it easier for you to digest everything that you learn here, over the long term.


– Highlighting the increased positivity that you’ll experience as a stage 2-3 member for the first time.

– How TC2.0 shenanigans benefit you on stage 3 (And an example). And how being a long term member

‘today’ (And not 4 years ago) will prevent ‘that’ example from ever happening again.

– Reminder blueprint tips.


– Embracing the final bout of festive season munchies (Which will continue at certain points in 2018).

– More reminder blueprint tips.


– Important mindset stuff that happens when you become active on here.

– Blueprint tips.


– Who I’m currently talking to in S-curve world.

– Missing out… It sucks! I know some potential S-curve members missed out this year. And then may never experience the great things that many of us experience here. It’s our job to ensure that happens as less as possible.

So… To motivate… Some stories were shared from past and recent members (Who are still here!) who have been there, done it and living it up on stage 4.


– ‘Trust factors’ and stepping into your shoes (Real life examples that many of you got to see on here… And for some… Experience with me, in person, over the years).


– A part 2 to Friday.

Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz for everything else.


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