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Become S-curvish/Shred-curvish > For ootd/ootn/bikini attire > Flaunted @ travel-curvish destinations

That’s overall goal here… As a reminder.

Some of the ‘drop down menu’ goals within that =

– Keep you on the fit wagon during common fall off periods

– Keep your 30 year old S-curvish butt at 60 years old

You don’t have to remember any of this stuff of course. As it’s constantly being thrown at you during your stage 3 shenanigans.

Today =

S-curve experience blueprint tips… Let’s go…

#1 A new A-rated ‘tasty’ foods list has been added to the S-curve formula this week, along with the complete food list types @ important update. Because it really is needed @ I can feel your ‘sweet tooth’ pain.

And one of the easiest tasty A-rated foods to snack on and travel with, is raisins.

– They’re small
– They’re dry
– It’s not easy to get addicted to, because the sweetness becomes too much to bare after a while.

#2 One tip in regards to that, is to only buy enough cheat snacks for your home… That’ll last you

24-36 hours.

If you buy more… You WILL finish them. And that will lead to more cravings. Which is what you don’t ever want. Not even with A-rated foods.

#3 Not so serious…

I talked about this the other week.

You see… You don’t want personal training. What you need… Is to fix the problems in your life, to live a better lifestyle and to look ‘hot’ at all times of the year.

That’s what the first sentence on this newsletter is all about.

The reason you ended up here on this newsletter, is because you had/have ‘life’ issues. Which lead to fitness/health issues.

And you definitely have them as a female. Ha (Oh… Men have them too. And ya… Sometimes, only other men can see those issues. The same way only other women can see your problems).

Meaning… Everything we do here is a life Improving experience.

We don’t need some ‘generic personal trainer vibe’ in your corner. Which is usually folks who don’t even care about your results or fixing your issues.

I saw this first hand with > this member. Before she became a member @ the stories that she would tell me, with those she ‘tried’ to work with in the past.

So understand… That it’s all about you… Putting your heart on the table in our 121 chats. That’s where most of the S-curve formula happens. And the member page is where it’s all recorded.

So… Not so serious.

#3 Starting as an official member…

The reasons why, are highlighted in every newsletter.

But one reason why some people start… Is so that they can get their guaranteed ‘fix’.


– You have your TV show fix
– You have your life partner/other half… Fix
– You have your fave hangout spot fix

So… They’ll start, to get an S-curve experience fix.

We all need routine in our lives. And > stage 3 will definitely give you that.

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