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It’s another day working ‘in the city’… Remotely, for me today.

And I’m going to continue on with the theme from the past two newsletters. So let’s get into it…

‘Life’ stages as an official S-curve member

So… You’ve succeeded @ 2-3 week noticeable results like Shawn, Victoria, Elly… And everyone else that you’ve seen listed on > these pages in the past year?

And… If you’re happy to get to at least 60-70% S-curvish and ‘be happy’, like I said yesterday. Then…

Don’t stop! After you see noticeable results.

This ‘stopping’ behaviour, after seeing some initial success, is a human trait. Not just something that happens when starting a long term program in S-curve world.


People will want success in something. Find the formula. Then stop and do something else.

Crazy right?

I don’t know all of the reasons @ why it happens. But I do know that it’s related to ones insecurities and failures.

And for some… Feeling that they don’t deserve the success (This is related to being afraid of ‘change’).

Our job here… Is to snap you out of that mindset.

That’s the ‘tough thing to do’, that I talked about in our first podcast-ish recording 2 days ago.

And this is why the first month MUST be a results phase. It’s just THAT important. The value of what happens in that month, is just that high.

But for you to be ready for that first month results phase. You must add on FB first (Below). In order to establish our relationship (Or you could add yourself to the bot, if you prefer that over a human. Ha).

What happens after the first months 2-3 week success?

– We tweak things based on your on-going results
– We tweak things based on your lifestyle shenanigans
– We tweak workouts, based on how you feel on the day

That’s what happens @ doing this face to face. And the LIVE update member page is there to document all of it. > Like this.

That’s where all of the real magic happens. The noticeable results stage just puts you into the process.

Things are becoming more and more specific every year on here…

I’ll highlight some stuff to show you what I mean…

– We focus only on looking ‘soft lean’

– To keep ya real boobs… And we even have a real world module, that I created with that lady above, which helps you ‘keep a cup size’ during your results process.
– To build an S-curve, as always.
– To continue to live your current day life… In an improved way. Which means you don’t have to quit anything you’re currently doing in your life.
– To hit Travel-curvish 2.0 trips several times a year. Not the 25 times that I recently talked about… Ha. Although we can strive for higher numbers.
– Working and working out remotely, at least 50% of the time.

Online members and those I meet > face to face have started, or were already doing some of the lifestyle stuff from above. Which is exactly what I personally do daily too.

Pics, video and audio is the best way to explain what all of that looks like.

So it’s…

– Pinterest
– Instagram
– The new S-curve member podcast

And for the most LIVE and personal touch… My own profile below.

To make women here (And the close people in your lives) look and feel like the best version of themselves!

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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