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Buzzers… Monday…

Today’s headline, is of course, about the new trailer that just came out for the super hero movie with that title, which comes out later on this year.

But if you’ve been following me on FB. You’ll know that I’ve been watching quite a few movies recently. With the latest, being the sequel to The Equalizer.

You all know that I’m a big fan of the super hero movies. But one reason I think that they’re so popular. Is because they portray versions of ourselves. That we want to be. But obviously can’t be (Like… How did you feel after watching Wonder Woman in 2018?).

At least not at that level. But we can be super… In terms of becoming S-curvish @ physique goals.

So today… We’re going to walk through, what that actually looks like.

What becoming S-curvish looks like ‘today’! 

It’s never how people think it is. They think it’s going to be hard, boring or something ‘not’ to look forward to.

That of course isn’t the case.

#1 It usually takes 100’s of email newsletters later, to realise that fact.

#2 Or meeting me in person and having a convo. At which point… Folks get a big ‘ah-ha’ moment. Because they’re hearing the S-curve formula. From the source.

But today… We’re going to speed that up. By showing you exactly what becoming S-curvish looks like, over a 7-21 day time period.

First though…

We all know that pay-as-you-go is a ‘thing’ here.


This year has shown… That if you’re after results. You need to be on an auto-payments plan, for a minimum of 3 months.

Because you simply do not stick to the plan otherwise. No auto-payments = No urgency… No commitment.

Being on auto-payments is like marriage. You can’t just walk away.

So if serious results is your goal right now (Men or women). Then jump on a > Lifestyle Phase 3 month plan (Message directly on Messenger if you feel you need to, before hand @ reassurance).

That’s the mid-level. You can’t go wrong with that plan, regardless of what your overall intentions are.

Week #1

We look at your current day lifestyle and see what needs to change.


> Eating fruit or D-F rated cheat snacks at night time (To stop).

> Unknowingly over loading on daily fat intake (To stop).

Then… We add elements of the S-curve formula to your current day lifestyle.


> Adding a Tailored Daily Exercise video to your member page. To be done every day.

> Teaching you the A-F rated food system (People still get ‘ah-ha’ moments after I explain this to them).

Then we test how well you do with all of it, over the next 7-10 days.Also… We get you used to turning up for 121 coaching/chat sessions on Messenger. Because this is the #1 thing that will help you succeed. And it’s our job to make you realise that fact.

Weeks 2-3

You’ll now know what the initial formula looks and feels like at this point. We’ll also be at a point where we can compare a day 1 selfie to day 21.

And there will indeed be visible noticeable results. Unless you have a very high body fat %.

Most of what happens during this time period isn’t fun. But… Once you are at this level. We start to…

– Embrace cheat snack shenanigans.

– Start talking about other things, other than becoming S-curvish, throughout our 121 chats.

– Start to look forward to the next parts of the S-curve experience (See top of More buzz).

To conclude

This is what it looks like, every single time. People either…

– Sit back and do nothing @ currently… Watching others succeed.

– Are currently over complicating things.

We fix all of that s***! The responses to all the fixes, are all over the results pages on the websites and social media (FB page).

The seasonal results timeline, says that this time of year is all about being on an easy going plan.

But you are all individuals. So what we do. Will be based on what’s needed for you.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– These > hammock tools.

– Hungry babies are > not sorry.

– > Azulik Tulum.

– > Video


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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