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Buzzers… First Monday of April…

Q2 2018 started yesterday. And people are feeling the vibes. And yesterday’s chats confirmed… That it’s more than just the butt @ what goes on here.

But having that S-curvish bod in place (And improved mindset) definitely makes everyday life easier.

So people are excited, now that Spring is here.

The problem with that…

Is that far too many people are reactive. When they should be pro-active. And unfortunately… We can’t always turn back the effects of time that’s past.

That’s why we have the daily newsletter and daily social media updates. To keep you within the S-curve loop (LIVE update member page when you become a member).

So really… You should have started to take action, back in February.

I’m talking about 121 chats… Before we get into 121 coaching (Because we’re allowed to just ‘talk’).

Because the reasons that you don’t start, are usually due to…

– Trust factors
– Being misinformed

Dealing with those issues… Cannot be rushed. The same reason why I didn’t jump into buying that property in February.

So… When you see me talking about a topic, at any given time. It’s for good reason.

It’s April… What can I do ‘right now’ then?

Start on a > Results PhaseI gave a quick break down of it in > this newsletter @ Stage 3. This is the fastest way to start building results, that you get to keep.

I recorded one offline, back in 2016 (For 4 whole months!). Which looks > like this. Yours will be the same. Just… Without the in-person gym videos.

Starting that now… Will mean you’ll look great within 4-8 weeks (Depends on how much fat you have to lose).

And continuing on via a Lifestyle Phase some time after that… Means you’ll look your current day best… Forever!

Yup… We’ve done that much work… To know for sure, that… That WILL be the outcome.

Just look at the > S-curve member stories and hall of fame.

Go niche

This is one topic that came up during the weekend chats.

That is…

You could be failing… Because you’re not following a concrete formula, for your goal.

For example

You’ve seen > this S-curve bod as your goal.

And would love to live it up… Eating whatever the fudge you want. On TC2.0 trips. > Like this.


You’re following some other nutrition regime. That requires you to be more strict.

At which point, you realise that you can’t stick to that long term (We do that in S-curve world. But it only lasts for 4-6 weeks a time).

So you just keep yo-yo-ing around different information.

What you need to do. Is choose a master. And stick to the masters plan.

A plan that is specific to the goal… With a master that you like… And has had a lot of success achieving it.


I’ll talk more about all of the above in our 121 chats. Things only become confusing, if you don’t… Do what’s given to you.


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