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Buzzers… #TBT…

We’re at that festive time of the year… When you meet up with everyone that’s important to you @ life.

And that of course, comes along with creating new experiences. And inevitably looking back at old ones.
Which is easier to do in today’s digital and social media driven world.

With that being said… Let’s look back at what each year has looked like, on the build up to what S-curve

world looks like today.

Visuals for this task

– Older > @fitbuzz YouTube vids @ ME
– The > newsletter archive


As you saw in the original back story yesterday… That was a big transition year for ME.

I was on my way out from the tech start up world. Blogging was starting to become a more established platform. And I had a lot of stuff to get off my chest from the experiences of 2006-2009. So I knew I just had to put it out their via a platform.

‘Tech’ is familiar territory for me. So a blog/website it was Which is STILL very active and an important part of More buzz, 8 years later!

Which was all about…

– My story so far (then). And blog topics surrounding that
– Helping guys who struggle to gain muscles… Win


I was still consulting up until the start of this year. Creating websites and marketing plans for established small/medium sized businesses.

But this was the year that I went all in @ building out all things ‘stayfitbug’.

But something happened in April of this year.

We started a Facebook page that focused on women. Motivated by those who were featured in the > video interviews (Which are archived now… Which inspired the recent S-curve member podcast).

That page went viral. We started (I’ll explain the name change later). Turned it into a membership website. But at that time, it was hard to keep the spam accounts away. So we ended that.

But kept the site up for blog posts and specific pages. Like the hall of fame.

– A lot of that activity was from South America (I need to learn some Portuguese and visit).

2011This is when we started to get serious about creating program’s via ebooks and videos. With the most successful one being No Nonsense Butt Building.

– That turned into a video program over time
– A few others were created after that

And results started to come in.

2012 – Enter the S-curve

– All of those program’s got bundled into one program. Operation S-curve  Which we launched in fall 2012. Which was several months after the then, rush of Instagram followers that came through.

2013was more of what 2012 was. And that’s when I started to create the bulk of the free videos that you can see of ME. Gosh… My energy levels were so high back then. Lol.

Doing public videos ‘then’… Lead to some weird looks from outsiders. But it lead to a lot of meet ups with people (And some nosey dogs in the parks). Even with newsletter readers. You’ll see most of them in the

FB likes on my own profile posts.

– The bundled program turned into and organised OSC.

– We were using Kik and some other apps to chat with Instagram followers (Insta had no chat function then).

2014– Interviewing women, naturally lead to more associates and peers. And even more, as social media websites started to rise.

And some FitBuzzers started to become representatives. Like Steph from the S-curve member stories.

– We started to turn the main program into a monthly membership. As we had to find better ways to help OSC’ers actually get results.

– I started to help more FitBuzzers in Asia. India was always a hot spot. But this time, parts of SE Asia was calling. I of course took myself back out there this year (Last time was 2006).

20152014-15 was a huge learning curve.

– Personally @ life shenanigans
– Exploring different countries
– Seeing how becoming S-curvish relates to women in that part of the world
– Experienced typhoons for the first time (Category 3-5 really is no joke)
– This is when Travel-curvish first became a ‘thing’
– The main S-curve program started to enter the premium phase

2016– We started to focus more on keeping members active for longer. As the success rates for results is  higher @ long term members.

– We started to go more LIVE with everything. Chats, member page updates. And it’s when we introduced the results and lifestyle phases.

– The online and offline experience became the same.

I talked about memories at the start of the newsletter. So…


Was riding off the waves created in 2016. Just look at the shenanigans photo album on the FB profile at the bottom of every newsletter, to see how it all went down, if you wasn’t a part of it, this time last year.

– We created more important benefits and features. Like the tweak weeks modules, coming up for air.

– Travel-curvish turned into TC2.0

– A focus on the menta/lifestylel fixes, over the physical fixes

– And the biggest thing of all…

The S-curve experience.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Social media is leading everything. And even ‘less active on FB’ premium members, are becoming more active on there.

So it’s important to highlight the actual lifestyle that we live here. Which is easy for me. As I’m doing every aspect of it, naturally.

Going forward?

I have some predictions as usual. So let’s see how it plays out :).

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