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People of S-curve world…
A lot of the things that get created and published here… Are instigated by the things that we talk about with YOU…
– Face to face
– In 121 chats
In recent times… We’ve created…

Let’s highlight the later…

Right now… Most people are working from home… Or figuring out ways to work from home (Hello S-curve Partner Program).
And I know this to be the case. Because I walk through high street areas, that are normally very busy.
They’re currently DEAD!!
Pure silence.
Gyms won’t re-open any time soon. So people are working out in their homes too.
– To work
– Workout
– Live life
At home…
People are struggling with balancing all of that right now.
Like… Really.
Since March… We’ve been testing a program that helps you balance all 3… Effectively.
That’s what the Survive and Thrive program is.
It’s what inspired this post…
A post that is being heavily promoted across all of our platforms.
Because it’s that set up… That is a part of the overall solution, to balancing a work, workout, live life at home lifestyle.
It’s a mobile and simple gym… Which you embrace at home. And on 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips.
And as you saw in the previous post…
You absolutely must nail an effective workout, when you don’t have access to a full blown gym (90% of you).
I myself, have embraced the Survive and Thrive program for one month now.
Really deep in the trenches with it. Just like I did… Way back in 2011… During the early stages of creating the Operation S-curve program.
Being a guinea pig… Was a sure fire way, to hand-on-heart recommend a program to you.
And of course… The S-curve members who jumped in on it.,. Became the future guinea pigs.
And it remained that way… Until the peak of it, in 2016.
Anyway… Survive and Thrive program…
It’s working.
– The results
– The daily routine fixing
All of it.
In fact… Not being ‘busy’… Has allowed for a more focused effort. One with more clarity.
Not ‘busy’…
Which wouldn’t be possible if the world didn’t stop, in the way that it did. So it’s a gift and a curse. A silver lining.
As always… Opportunities reveal themselves in a crisis. And right now… Is a great time for you to benefit.
Which I highlighted in this post.
And of course…
You have to leave your home at some point.
I myself… Have been embracing 2-3 hour ‘Air time’ moments in the day time again.
Moments that would usually be embraced in the evening. But… There are still 6pm curfews in place.
Going forward… It’s all about the 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips.
Yes… For some of us… TC2.0 has picked up again. Like with @eujessicadourado.
They’re not going to happen as frequently. Simply due to the inconvenience of extensive safety checks/protocols that you’ll experience on your travels.
It just kills the vibes.
And of course… It still isn’t quite safe, to be travelling often, yet.
And so…
2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips.
– A location outside of the main city (Usually amongst ‘nature’).
– With 1-4 people (Ideally who you have been living with… In the city).
– Can bring your > simple mobile gym with you.
– An ‘Airbnb’ spot… Or 3 month contract (Go for 6 months to a year… And visit ‘whenever’). It’s a lot more cost effective and a lot less hassle.
– You can embrace it… Because for most of you… You’re earning remotely now.
And if you need to boost those earnings… Should income levels be an issue. Then… In our world… You have the S-curve Partner Program.
Which you can learn all about on this page
These trips aren’t theory. They’re happening. And they look like this…

To conclude

The first 6 months of 2020…
None of us have seen anything like this.
Who know’s what the next 6 months will look like.
What we are doing… Is creating solutions (Like those above)… To help you right now!
The newsletters is how you get into it all. But jump into the DM’s too.
That’s how you really learn what’s up. And how we can help you on a deeper level.
Like I said…
2020 has been an unprecedented ride.
– Earthquakes
– Forest fires
– Job losses
– Coronavirus
– Protests
– Unexpected deaths
With all that crazy sh*t going on. I have to highlight the S-curve Partner Program.
Because all of the above… Has forced people to focus on what really matters to ‘them’.
Which I highlighted in this video.
And the S-curve Partner Program… Is all about connecting you with more people who are the right fit for you and/or your business.
Which I highlighted in this post…
So from me to you… And our mantra from day one…
Focus on the people who are into you and what you offer. And ignore everyone else.
Equals happier life.

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