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People of S-curve world…
These newsletters come into existence, based on the conversations and events that take place with YOU.
But every so often… We’ll get on this website and create entire post about that.
That’s what we’re doing today. So let’s get into it….

Our private Facebook group

Our private Facebook group
Our private Facebook group

We have many channels that you can subscribe to, through the S-curve Xperience as a whole.

But this group, is…
– The most personal
– The most educational
– The most trusting
And everyone in there, has been validated. And has personally connected with me for years.
Usually 5 years or more.
Many of whom have been a customer at some point.
So if you’re looking for a deeper connection. That’s one place where you can jump in.

Making you unstoppable via the S-curve Partner Program

That’s one core reason to exist within it. And it’s what I would join into, after the first few years of starting this website,
Because I quickly learned that things don’t last forever (In business).
And the way SPP is built. Is so that you always have a backup plan, should a crisis like COVID-19 hit you.
– Many of the right relationships, peers, associates.
– Many products to become a partner for (From those above relationships)… Even if you already own some.
– Easier to brain storm new ideas, that have an increased chance of succeeding. By using the collective knowledge and experience of everyone above.
– A back up traffic source, by existing here (We give you a 10-15% traffic boost for free).
That’s how you continue to live an awesome life… Regardless of what the economy looks like.
It’s why we rarely panicked when COVID-19 hit. It was mostly business as usual.
As has been built on S-curve Partner Program principles

Build your platform (Opposite from building a social media following)

There are a good number of people within S-curve world, who ask about starting their website and building their platform.
You know…
– Actual products
– Actual services
– Actual customers
S-curve Partner Program

She’s re-starting to build her social presence (More business… Less personal). And of course… We can help with that. When you…
– Look S-curvish
– Are living/want to live a variation of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle 
All for free.
But for many like Daphne (Her name). They don’t know how to make websites work.
And there’s a lot of ‘mindset’ work to be done. 
Even today. Like having self limiting beliefs (Does this even work? Will it work for ME?)
All whilst teaching you what works for us… And in the S-curve Partner Program.
With the hardest thing of all… 
Teaching ‘patience’!
There are proven/protocol procedures in place to get you winning. But the waiting game is what’s hard.
The core reason why people in S-curve world want to start, is because they want more money. Which gives more freedom.
And the first thing all of you who want that, will need…
Dreamhost - Your experimentation playground
Dreamhost – Your experimentation playground
It’s the host that we recommend to you. Simply because it has served very well, since 2009.
Like… Seriously.
They have taught us a lot (Saved our asses a lot too).
The reason for getting a hosting plan. Is so that you can start to experiment.
You see…
COVID-19  gave people A LOT of time to research things (See Daphne’s replies above).
And we know for sure, that a lot of you researched things related to starting an online business.
The big dilemma… Is getting folks to take action.
Most don’t… Because they’re afraid to fail.
Failing is a ‘daily’ part of the game. When the goal is to create a business that prints money and gives you more freedom.
And so… It’s all about getting you to start playing around with everything. That’s how you’ll learn and gain confidence. 
You probably won’t need to use it straight away. But it’s all about making you aware as to why you need one.
Just read through this website to see why…
The right plugins on WordPress
Which you can install via Dreamhost.
This is important. As your platform will need to be set up correctly, so that your ship doesn’t sink, as it starts to build and grow.
The key phrase here, is the ‘right fit’.
All you have to do, is find the right people to serve.
You don’t need the most people. Just the right people. As highlighted in this post…
Your followers and website hits don’t mean SH*T… But this DOES! 
We now live in a world, where new opportunities will start to present themselves.
Opportunities that you’ll start to see. As you continue to experiment daily.
And if whatever you offer, after building your platform, is something people within S-curve world want. Then expect to see your sales bump by 10-15%. Due to the efforts of the S-curve Partner Program.
There’s a lot of things to teach you over time. 
And we teach you for free. Only the tools to get you moving, costs money.
But those tools above are what you need to start. 

Taking the Roar Ambition supplements

Roar Ambition supplements
Roar Ambition supplements
Yes… We highlighted the health benefits of taking some of them, in the > previous post. But let’s remind you WHY you’re taking those supplements. Especially today.
– To boost results fast… From 60-100% S-curvish
– To ignite change… If what you have been doing, hasn’t worked for you.
Those are the core reasons for buying and using THOSE type of supplements, that you see on that website.

To conclude

There have been some other updates going on. But nothing worth sharing… Yet.
Just make sure you keep on sending DM’s. As doing so, will highlight problems that we can help solve.

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1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.
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