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I’m just going to update you with everything that’s been going on @ everything in S-curve world.


#1 Global reach – Everyone that’s in the comments and the chats… Are from ‘everywhere’. US, UK, Europe, India, Pakistan, Philippines. Everywhere!

So there’s a lot of ‘Google translate’ activity going on.

Fortunately… I’m personally good with several languages, at a very basic level. So I know how to fix what Google translate gets wrong.

Either way… The S-curve experience is being embraced. The way that I knew it would be, 1-2 years ago (when we started to evolve into it) @ my yearly predictions.

Which leads me to…

#2 Supplements

The following, is an S-curve blueprint tip that I left inside one of the photo comments…

@ The official S-curve supplements list…

(Which isn’t many)

The best thing to do… Is to simply try one order @ small, medium or large.

Instant knockout supplement

And just keep it in your kitchen cupboard.

And use it as a regular booster. In addition to ‘eating S-curvishly’.



That S-curve meal structure ^^^ > Place the foods and/or supplements into the structure 

It’s ALL about the ingredients. So get used to reading food labels on the food or supplements that you buy. And… Get used to the A-F food rating system. Because in some places… Foods don’t have labels.

And that won’t be a problem, if you know how to look at any one food source… And determine it’s ranking @ A to F rated (A = Apple F = Apple pie with cream).


You’ll start to notice the effects over time.

In general… You keep this at the forefront of your mind…

”1 x Capsule – 3-4 Times a Day”

Then we tweak that amount, based on how active you are, over time.

That’s the general rule @ using

– High end
– Ingredient focused

supplements in S-curve world.

So understand… That when you buy and try. I’ll be personally guiding you along the way. Since I’m still the head person that is in charge of 121 coaching shenanigans.

prime male supplement testosterone booster prime male supplement testosterone booster
We’ve been using the page/supplement (Images/links above)… To teach ‘how to approach’ the explanation above… In real time.

That is…

Ingredients page (Image above) + My LIVE guidance… As you reply to these messages/newsletters.

That is a ‘guy specific’ supplement above though.The following page is what both males and females need to bookmark in S-curve world.

It’s an official list that had to be created. Due to all the new faces arriving here lately.

And we MUST make sure that everyone is on the same page. Regardless of where you are in the world.
#3 Just keep an eye on the FB page timeline and/or follow in these places…
Which you’ll see on the right side bar. For anything else… Just message direct. As you can see on the FB page… The response time is almost always immediate @ replying to you.
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