An introduction to the modern day therapist

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An introduction to the modern day therapist? Well… It’s not new. As we’ve been doing ‘therapy’ in 121 coaching sessions for years. And it’s the no.1 reason why past S-curve members return at some point.

But… It is a current topic. Especially since email replies are dead. And that LIVE/direct chat has taken


Anyway… A therapist… 

A therapists goal is to help patients make decisions and clarify their feelings in order to solve problems.

Clarify their feelings…

That’s also what happens outside of the nutrition and workout side of things. That’s where the mindset and lifestyle fixing comes in.

To have that special/strong voice/person in your corner.

I know that this is important. Because I too… Have that, in other parts of my own life.


– Business development
– Travel shenanigans (legality stuff)

Without that… I couldn’t be (Or have been) the effective ‘therapist’ to you.

The LIVE updates on your member page, gives you the ‘theory fix’ that you need.

But the 121 coaching chats (Helping you clarify your feelings to make decisions), gives you the ‘feeling fix’.

The reason why I’ve remained as the head person in control of this part of the S-curve formula. Is due to all the hands on experience that I’ve had with it. And with many of you, in past years.

This is becoming a popular solution for the established member. Who has been around for 3-5 years, after initially succeeding (Or currently falling off slightly since then).

And it backs up what I’ve been saying more and more @ it’s more than just the butt. A lot more!

You can see it via the newsletter content, every single week. Especially in yesterday’s conclusion.

Today’s conclusion though…

if ‘therapy’ (As described above) sounds like what you need. Then jump right in.

As usual… Payment options are almost always discussed on FB Messenger. Options… Which you’ve seen via this newsletter, almost every single day. So that’s what will happen.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

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– The return of > Xcaret in S-curve world.


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