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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s been another busy week in S-curve world. Along with gearing up for the summer shenanigans + all the summer movies (For me… Most of the Marvel super hero movies. There’s a lot of ’em this year).

This newsletter is LIVE and in the moment… Highlighting the events that happened the day before.

And a hot topic that came up yesterday, shortly after posting > this pic. Was the issue of the impact that this lifestyle has on your health.

For the older FitBuzzers – It’s all about looking younger, living longer… And better. And to be a good influence on your siblings/kids.

For the younger FitBuzzers – To prevent all of the bad things that will happen to you @ health. If… You don’t start early (Sh*t starts going ‘south’ from 18 years old. Like muscle wasting… Which happens naturally. Which makes it harder to achieve noticeable results).

Younger FitBuzzers… This is important. Because the no.1 reason why the S-curve members who are over 25 years old… Start. Is due to health issues.

Having a great body and butt is just a bonus. That’s what every woman wants. But by far… These members start… So that they can get that, whilst dealing with current day health issues. 

Detection… And acting on fixing a broken version of yourself, is a good move on your part. But time isn’t on your side (Everyone thinks it is… Until things break, beyond the point of no return).

So if you do have a problem. Don’t be a newsletter reader who sits on the sidelines. Watching everyone else win. Get involved.

Tis the S-curve experience

All of the above… Is another reason for introducing > TC2.0 trips.

Seriously… A lot of the ‘nature spots’ around the world, will guarantee that you’ll improve your mental health.

The hot spots… As seen via our social media posts…

– SE Asia
– Maldives
– French Polynesia
– Caribbean

‘Seriously good’ locations… Around those parts of the world.

But remember… This is TC2.0. Which means that we find the super hot spots, that most people don’t know about, within those locations.

You’ll know exactly why that is, once you’ve done one trip like that!

This is the part of the S-curve experience that makes you feel deeply involved in all of this.

Become S-curvish first. Take a trip to one of those spots. And I guarantee… That’ll you’ll live this lifestyle for the rest of your days.


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