All You Ever Wanted To Know About Aussie Beach Workouts

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We have all seen the famous ‘Aerobics Oz Style’ on the sports channels, whether it be women trying to get some handy tips or men “accidentally” flicking through the channels and landing on it.

The women on the programme always look so happy and glamorous, whilst exercising! Why wouldn’t they be? It’s over 25ºC, the sun is shining and they are outside in the fresh air on a stunning beach. It seems that is the perfect way to workout, never mind being stuck inside a clammy, sweaty gym with the sounds of grunting weightlifters and the smell of stale sweat.


Australia has a culture of outdoor activity; jogging, swimming and surfing are a part of daily routines for many people. The popularity of outdoor gyms is on the rise as the lure of training in the open air is proving too much for Australia’s fitness freaks.


Where is the best place for outdoor training?


You can find Aussies training outside in the glorious sunshine anywhere in the country. However, there are particular hotspots where the culture is stronger.


Gold Coast is famed for its beautiful sands, which provide the perfect backdrop for an early morning jog. This area offers the opportunity for exercise fanatics to ditch the crowded spaces, uninspiring equipment and overbearing instructors. Instead, exercise becomes invigorating as you breathe in the sea air and train in some of the most stunning outdoor spaces, brimming with inspiration from the outstanding natural beauty.


The capital of Australia’s outdoor exercise is Bondi Beach, New South Wales. Firstly, not only is there a huge ocean to swim in, you can also practice your front crawl in a beachside Olympic swimming pool.




The area is flooded with outdoor gym equipment, including pull up bars and benches. Competitions are a regular occurrence and a recent pull up competition, where competitors had to do as many repetitions as they could with a 20kg resistance, garnered a large audience. Even celebrities have dipped into Bondi’s fitness culture, with R&B star Jason Derulo being spotted in a local outdoor gym recently.



Alongside the long stretches of sand are grass areas, both are great for exercising on. The area has been promised a $100,000 facelift to the free, community outdoor gym from MP Gabrielle Upton. Hundreds of people use the facility on a daily basis and the grant to upgrade it shows how important fitness is in Bondi.



What exercise can I do?


Instead of just a jog or a swim, take advantage of one of the outdoor gyms. Circuits are a popular choice amongst locals. Lunges, squats and press ups followed by sprints along the beach are sure to have your muscles burning.


Alternatively, you could take an exercise mat on to one of the grassy banks and practice some yoga or Pilates. Perhaps, yoga is not your thing – try a few crunches to work the six pack instead.


Beach sprints are a great exercise. Sprinting burns more calories and when performed on sand they become even more taxing. The plus side is, you can exercise in bare feet, in your swimsuit and you have the gorgeous ocean to cool off in afterwards!


Fiona Mayers writes for True Blue Migration on a range of subjects related to Australian tourism, travel and immigration.


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