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Buzzers… #TGIF…
Last night was all about catching up with those I connected/re-connected with on Wednesday night.

And of course… Another S-curve lifestyle remote night in the city.

– Roof top
– Bar/coffee shop
– Lounge

An experience that is levelled up, when doing in a warm climate (Countries closer to the equator).

You’ll see pics from Wednesday and Thursday night on the FB timeline…

@ recently updated again.

The violation

Tis the S-curve experience…

Which was fully re-confirmed in the past two days. Female and male folks ‘get it’. Just stalk the FB profile above to see what that looks like.

And one reason why things have been moving in that direction. Is because of the fear, that your current daily life shenanigans, will be heavily interrupted and fully violated… If you officially start.

Which is not what actually happens @ least in current day S-curve world.

Just like I said to one of the guys last night…

– You’re already moving your body
– You’re already eating food

We just change and improve the way you’re currently doing it. Whilst actually saving time (Not using more of your time… Which is what you fear).

That’s it.

That topic leads into another discussion that I had with the > lady in the middle. Who is FitBuzzer that I connected with a few months back.

Wants to be S-curvish… But has mommy duties. So time is limited for her. Which means she definitely needs to work with someone that she knows and trusts.

#1 If you see ME in person regularly… We’ll end up building on that.

#2 If you’re here on the newsletter and located around the world (Which is most people). Then it’s this newsletter and everything on > More buzz.

You’re at a big advantage if it’s the later!

The thighs again

This came up during 3 different conversations in the past few days @ everyone wants the S-curvish core/butt… Without expanding the size of their thighs.

It takes a tailored approach to obtain that look. But it starts by focusing on the following exercises…

– Leg lift variations
– Hip extension variations
– Hip thrust variations
– Leg abduction movement variations

Notice how I didn’t tell you what type of exercises those are….


Because it’s all science s*** that you don’t need to know about!

Give you ‘what to do’. We both turn up and get everything done.

It’s that TGIF feeling. So I’m out…


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