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Buzzers… Thursday…

Enter: > S-curve member stories (Scroll down)

We started this in 2017.


Well… We’ve been S-curving since 2010. And members started to come in, around 2011. And it was around 2015 when we realised, that those who started in the beginning, were still here.

Maybe not as active. But definitely present.

That’s a 3-5-7 year time period. And we get members to start… To go long term.

So… It only made sense, that we documented what that journey looks like. Via real members who are doing it.

Enter: S-curve member Monica (You’ll see her as you scroll)

You’ll see several ‘story’ examples on this page.

But the one key takeaway from all of this… Is that you will go through different phases @ results/life.

Yet… The no.1 phase that you’ll always be on… Is the one where you never fall off entirely.

If you look at Monica’s story (Recent returning member on > Pay as you go). You’ll see that she’s been very active @ an almost constant Results Phase. Which is what typically happens to highly motivated members @ new. Which leads to 90-100% S-curvish.

To then…

– Changing cities – Being a lot less active because of it.

– Returning this month – As a curvier, yet still S-curvish version of herself.

That’s a lot of ups and downs. Which is why we have two phases (Results/Lifestyle). And now the Pay as you go.

– Life’s ups and downs
– TC2.0 shenanigans and change of moods/seasons

= Makes waaay more sense… For the main program to involve into those features.

So understand… That’s what becoming a member is all about.To live by a set of rules, that’ll always keep you @ a happy version of yourself, at all times.

– Cheat snacking.
– A-C rated eating.
– Tailored Daily Exercise videos.
– To just eat ‘something’ at meal time. As long as it’s the right nutrients @ > S-curve meal structure.
– Do one exercise every single day that hits your weakest looking/hardest to build body part.

@ Some of the S-curve formula ‘rules to live by’.

I’m doing this every single day myself. Have been doing so for the past 2-3 years. So I personally know it works well.


We start or continue your story (That’s actually the concept of a website that I created, before @fitbuzz, circa 2006-2008). Let’s go…


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