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Buzzers… Saturday…
The welcoming of Q2 2018, seems to have gotten many of you out of the ‘new year’ mode. As I’ve spoken to a lot of you individually, over these past two weeks.You’re just ready to rock n roll!

Not just FitBuzzers and ‘returning’ S-curve members. But also those who are involved in our universe.

– The owners of the specific supplements… Like > Instant Knockout (Remember… The only thing that matters, is the ingredients @ food or supplements. If it fits the S-curve meal structure… You buy and try).

– The > T-shirt lovers (You can tell me… If what he said is true. Hehe).

– And those who simply ‘follow’ … Or have become close with ‘me’.

The highlight from all of this… Is that in more recent ‘social media times’. It’s good to use it to talk 121.

And to not just follow… Without a real person to respond to.

This is especially the case with those who are spending a significant amount of brain space with us, on a daily/weekly basis.

Like S-curve member > Mariamne or > Aanu.

They’ve been here for years now. But as is the norm… Return back with a vengeance. As that’s what it’ll look like over time… Documented by the S-curve member stories over on Stage 3.

But yes…

Today… It’s all about having real conversations. Doing live calls and videos. And just… Being the humans that we are… Offline.

Yes… There’s a lot of keyboard warriors out there. But any negative tone that is set… Is usually due to the messages that an entity puts out.

There’s nothing but fun, love and inspiration via my own FB profile. And everyone is encouraged to DM ME… At any time.

You’ll see this offline too… If I ever end up in your city.

The tone that’s sent out in our chats/social media activity… Is exactly the same in the > meet up settings.

Which is the big goal… @ seeing as many of you as possible. Especially S-curve members. Since we’ve built super strong connections.


It’s good to talk. I do a lot of it via this newsletter. So… Reply back on Messenger to do so.

Oh… And I’m going to give you the short formula for an epic butt/tiny waist tomorrow.Because > this lady is having problems with that right now.

Why is she having that problem?Because it’s not easy to achieve on your own. And without guidance. Especially as a person with other priorities in their life.

But like I said yesterday… Every woman wants it. Even when plagued with health issues.

So to help you get it… We will!

That’s what stage 3 was made for.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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