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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Every single day is an ‘event’ in S-curve world. Offline and online. It’s ‘happening’ 24/7… Around the clock.Yesterday was like any other Monday. But there was an interesting workout session to report on @ observing as the head FitBuzzer. So let’s talk about it.

Note: All happening in > this gym that you’ve seen me in, many times before.

The use of mobile devices in workouts

It wasn’t too long ago, when people that I would meet daily… Would be totally confused to how we’re able to create fully fledged program’s. Without being face to face, or having not met S-curve members in person.

These are of course non-internet people.

That has almost all changed in the past year however. Because the internet finally became 90-100% embraced by the masses (In most ‘developed’ places).

With some people realising how much opportunity they’ve been missing out on over the years.

Either way… One of the ladies in the gym session had…

– Her iPhone.
– A video/audio source that she trusted, to deliver her workout + yoga shenanigans.
– A peaceful room with all walls as mirrors.

That’s all you need today. And it’s definitely the norm if you’re living within today’s S-curve experience.

Face to face doesn’t need to be frequent at all. So… This is now the new normal.


She was indeed S-curvish… To meet the goals that are set here in S-curve world @ epic butt/tiny waist + ‘soft lean’.

Yet… She found an activity that she enjoys, outside of the normal workouts. So you must find yours. It can be anything. As long as you enjoy it. And as long as it doesn’t screw up your results.

Which leads me to…

HIIT cardio

Ideally… That’s what the activity you choose, should be categorised as. Like…

Boxing, badminton, Muay Thai, tennis, swimming, cycling, hiking… 

Almost all three of the ladies I trained along side with yesterday, did some HIIT cardio activity as a part of their session. Followed by…

– Yoga + Bodyweight movements

– Bodyweight movements + Light weights

– I left before seeing what the 3rd lady did next. But all three of them were S-curvish @ at least 80%.

> This body type is the ultimate gift to yourself. So I’m always happy to help you get it. Because having it, just seems to fix everything else going on in your life.

So if cardio is going to be in your life… Let it be HIIT focused.

‘Come up for air’ post workout moments

From yesterday’s posts: We all must go on a TC2.0 trip and > do this… To ‘come up for air’ at some point.

Continuing on…When I was recording the earlier workout vids for @fitbuzz… I used to do them in a park + ‘Come up for air’.

Today… ‘Coming up for air’, happens on a roof top pool, close to sunset time. Or when the night lights come on (that city view never gets boring).

Either way… Post workout is one of the best times to ‘come up for air’, outside of TC2.0 trips.

It kills all stress levels that you might encounter on any given day. It’s those stress levels that make hissy fits happen. Which makes you fall off the wagon.

I know this is a real thing. Because past members that fell off (Went incognito for no seemingly good reason at all) returned and admitted, that their brain was on overload… From being consumed with inner city life.

So understand that > ‘coming up for air’ is a real thing. Which leads me to saying something that I haven’t said in a very long time. And that is…

”It’s more than just the butt”

And it is. Just look through the > social media profiles.


The only thing you need when on the move. Is…

1) Access to YOUR S-curve meal structure via your LIVE update member page. Which you’ll have from your first ever > Pay as you go update.

2) Any of the stuff on > S-curve journey extras @ optional.

A lot of the 3+ year long term members, simply get yearly updates, after their initial long term fix. Which you can always do… Regardless of what the program part of the S-curve formula looks like or evolves into.

Stages 1-4 will never change. Because it works. The only thing that will change… Is the way that it’s presented to the rest of the world.


What does YOUR typical day look like?

No one replies to emails anymore. So feel free to message and tell me.


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