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Buzzers… Saturday…

All of the planning shenanigans of the past few weeks are about to become a reality. It’s the final official newsletter of 2017. So let’s get into it…

LIVE update member pages

They’re an evolution of the old static membership pages that we were using from 2013-Mid 2016.

And they mimic what happens when we do this ‘becoming S-curvish’ stuff, face to face (In some ways, it’s better online, as everything is recorded. So you can back track on what you’ve learned).

But as a newsletter reader. One reason why we have them. Is so that you can get specific stuff created for YOU.

Like… You see the ‘ingredients’ (Blueprint tips mostly) in > this newsletter

Well… It’s just that. Ingredients. Not the formula. And not all of those exercises will be right for you ‘today’.

So… What we do… Is learn everything about you. What your goals are and the like. And then… You get given your first update on your LIVE update member page to work through. And we gauge your progress day by day.

You’ll obviously want > some one in your corner as you do this (I would too). And that’s what the 121 FB Messenger chats are for. The chats are 24/7/365 as an active member on stage 3.

And if you don’t want to go on auto payments. Just go manual. Do one month… And take it from there. Like I stated in the new > scenarios for 2018 that you’ll likely encounter.

Yearly review for 2017

I’ll just bullet point…

– We added more benefits and features to the S-curve experience as a whole.

– We became an S-curve experience.

– Travel-curvish got a 2.0 (Much more relatable to all of us).

– We started an FB page Messenger newsletter (Saves you from ‘replying to talk’).

– We brought the podcast back after 7 years… But for S-curve members.

– It’s the first year where we had the most members stay ‘on the wagon’ as active S-curve members on stage 3. Which meant they achieved better results. Going long term is the only way to succeed. So…

Added incentive to start the year right

The year in review above… Revealed that our goal is to have as little people as possible in our world, who sit in > camp #1. As it just screws up our vibe here, with all that crappy energy.

So if you are joining in on the ‘Buzzcoin’ fun . Or even on > stage 1 as the norm. Then… For a limited time, you can kick start the year with a friend. They simply tag along with you for free and get their own stage 1 too (You’re essentially inviting them to our world).

Ideally… It should be someone that’s close to you. As they’ll be riding off the ‘trust factors’, that we have built together on this newsletter.

– Someone you KNOW wants to change (In some way). And just needs the right guidance.

– Someone you’ve seen value success (to them), in other areas of their lives…

Last words…

If you’re happy playing around with ingredients. Then keep on doing that. The newsletter is supposed to give them to you.


I know that you’re busy and don’t actually have time to being doing that.

So if that’s the case… Become a member. So that you can stop messing around with things, that people who are more qualified, can take off your hands and do for YOU!

And to spend most of your time swimming around in TC2.0 swimming pools. Check the social pages via More buzz. Seriously!

I’m living this lifestyle with you.

And for me… There’s a few other things I’m into right now, that requires steep learning curves (Like in ‘Buzzcoin’).

So I’ve placed experts that I trust in those areas… Into ‘my corner’. So that I can continue to enjoy the fun parts of the S-curve experience. As I have been doing all year (Which you’ve seen happen… And me…  watching yours happen too).

Here’s to living your current life in an improved way FTW (Wine glass emoji goes here).


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within the
coming months/years).

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