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Buzzers… Friday…

If you remember back to this time last year. I was out in the city a lot more…

– Bringing people into the S-curve experience. And re-establishing it for those who were living

parts of it.

I regularly link to > that album on here from time to time as well.

That album is a perfect display of what the S-curve experience looks like.

And last night… I reconnected with a lot of those people. Which you might have seen on my FB stories (Lasts 24hrs, so take a look).

Did I learn anything new?

#1 Nights out in the city @ roof top bars are still awesome.

#2 Some of the people who became S-curve members… Are now stealing the meals from restaurant food menus (Which happens at around stage 4).

#3 Creating memories together is a great way to build up the trust factor. So we’ll keep doing that. Online… Offline or wherever (FB stories via ‘me’, is the newest place to check out).

Trending in S-curve world today 

– > S-curvish yoga shenanigans
– TGIF cheat snacking > looks like…
– The > Go Pro Hero (Probably because of all the related vids circulating around)

Some blueprint tips

– Staying S-curvishly perfect is hard. Because life has too many ups and downs. Even when using the best parts of the S-curve formula.

One great long term approach, to stay-curvish. Is to do a Results Phase every 10-12 weeks. Do that… And you’ll never worry about your ‘image’ again.

– Get your teeth dentist cleaned (Yup).


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