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Buzzers… Tuesday…

If you are here on this newsletter… You have most likely ended up here, coming over from a social media platform.

If you’ve not come from there… Then probably from one of the websites on More buzz. And one of the first things you would have seen, is an image of a body.

If from social media… Several bodies.

‘Soft lean’ epic butt/tiny waist (The S-curve)

Our goal in that scenario has been pretty simple. In terms of becoming S-curvish.

That is…

– Show you the end goal
– Create a super duper formula for getting to it

It might take you a while to learn that it’s super duper. But that’s OK. Which is why we have > stages 1-4.

So enjoy the S-curve experience visuals via social media posts. But be prepared to get busy once you enter the newsletter. So that you too… Can end up being posted as an ‘end goal’ (If you want to be posted of course).

And once you get to that point. Lap up as much TC2.0 as you can.

Life = truly awesome at that point

Blueprint tips

You know what these are. So let’s list some.

#1 I > recently talked about the fact that you might currently be OK with being ‘mediocre’.

I even told you my own battle, in regards to feeling that way. A year before starting stayfitbug.com.

And yesterday… I talked about FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt).

You’re in a disaster zone if both mediocrity AND FUD is hitting you at the same time.

And today… You’re reminded everyday that it’s not seen as ‘OK’ to look mediocre. Which is why there are so many more women going the enhanced route @ body parts.

That… Is still looked down upon though. And of course, it only happens because those folks aren’t educated on body fixing (A ‘little’ acceptance for boobs though).

We’re talking 3-6 months of a little extra work and focus… To get you to looking your 60% S-curvish best (At least).


The way to beat FUD and mediocrity syndrome. Is to take one small step at a time.

It starts at the new stage 1.

But the stages became what they became, because members were already progressing in that way. They started small (Stage 1). And eventually wanted more (Stage 3).

That WILL happen to you.

The thing we’re focusing on now… Is getting members from 2013-14 back on track. Since we had no stage 4 to look after them back then. As they’ve been returning re-broken :(.

#2 Struggling to get your stubborn muscles to pop out?

Well first… You have to shred some fat layers, if you have them. That’s what the S-curve bodyweight circuits are for. You get one video to play around with on the > new $20 stage 1.

Then… It’s all about focusing on high tension reps.

It’s when you go ‘slightly’ to the peak, at each end of a movement. But keep the motion going in the middle without a break.

Do this with…

– Standing lunges
– Hanging half leg raises
– Calf raises (Full range of motion)
– Straight leg kneeling leg lifts

The specifics… Is what we cover on your member page. As that will be different for everyone.

#3 > This again.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).
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