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That was the special date of Sunday just gone, and in China number 10 is a lucky number, or a number that represents good things. So everyone from everywhere was cheering for happy Sunday. This could be the reason why I had extra happy thoughts, which lead me to wake up and post this status update over on Facebook (Add me if you like).

Now this idea wasn’t exactly new, as myself and other Facebook community members spoke about this before.

Now, fitness fun is the name of the game on this site, so I thought to myself… what if we can have these new kinds of gym experiences. A day where we plan workouts in the same way that we plan parties. A day where we all anticipate…

1) Intense workouts

2) Fantabulous post workout social sessions (The equivalent of the bar drink before hitting the club)

3) Even more fantabulous post workout meals (The equivalent of hitting the dance floor)

4) Something fun – You decide (After all, we don’t predict what happens towards the end of the night… right?)

Obviously, the ideal set up would have to be a mighty sized gym, or even a private gym, so that everyone can workout together. And the bar would probably have to be hired out for the night too. But let’s elaborate a little more on those points stated above.

#1 Fashion parade gym – Actually make an effort to look extra good (Although some people do this on the daily :O)

Image credits: www.stylebyme.net

Yes, the one thing that I despise the most, the crime that deserves no form of justice what so ever (dressing up to go to the gym), is now a priority on this day. Yes, doing this is actually quite ridiculous, no matter how you look at it. But treat dressing up on this day the same way you would as if it were a fancy dress party.

Remember, it’s all in the name of fun. So for all the ladies, pull out your 1980’s leotards or whatever else you wear that would usually get the ”What the hell is she wearing” reaction. And for the fellas out there, show it off. You’re allowed to on this day. And no one will question you either 🙂 .

Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, just make sure you bring a 2nd set of clothes. You can’t be stinking and smelling for the special post workout meal bar night now!

#2 Post workout shake after party – Hit the bar. Stylish gym gear only. Who wants to be the bartender? Serving post workout shakes only.

Image credit: www.boston.com

OK, after a hard gym session you would usually go straight home. But not on this day. On this day you will shower, jump in the sauna and relax those muscles. And then… prepare for a post workout shake ONLY night out on the binge. Now, we know that whey protein is the best kind of protein to have at this time, due to it’s fast digesting nature. But this is all about fun, and it’s time to experiment and break the rules (Read this post for an idea). Heck, I’d say everyone should guzzle back quite a few of these flavoury shakes.

The first thing that needs to be done here, is to designate a bartneder. Preferably someone who’s experienced mixing up a few of these shakes. Better yet, everyone should bring their experiences to the night and feed the bartender their protein shake recipes. Shake swapping. 🙂

To make things even more ridiculous, we should add these guys drinks to the roaster, seeing as the say Casein infused vodka is good for you :S

Obviously, Devotions unique concept of drinking alcohol with health on the mind will not work. Work is work, play is play. And yes… most things that are fun are going to be bad. So let’s have fun with it. Casein infused vodka FTW on this day 🙂
To top things off, why not throw in a pool into the mix. Sipping on protein shakes in style 🙂

Nevertheless, you can’t argue that this would make for a very interesting evening out instead of heading back home after a workout. But let’s only make this once a month. A day like this with a host such as myself really would make me super duper bad influence of a fitness trainer XD.

#3 Bar shenanigans done – Super duper Post workout meal.

Image credit: www.sunsentinal.com

What… even after all the fun from #2?


We are fitness freaks. We live the fitness lifestyle. Our stamina and pain threshold levels are much higher than the average joe.

Consider this part of the evening ‘ROUND 2’ … FIGHT! (Sorry, I’m a Street Fighter fanatic)

The post workout meal is what you have to refeed your body after a tough workout. Here will be no different. Well actually… it will. On this day, how about we reaaaally stuff our faces? I won’t list the foods here. Read this post for that. We just make it a mix of all the foods list in that post.

  • Good people
  • Good food
  • Good chit chat
  • Good relaxation
  • Over the top refeed!

How good would that be. I know you don’t get THAT to often. This is 2010 after all. The century where I will attempt to create the modern day Caveman 🙂

#4 Some ideas for after – You decide

We all know what happens after a wild night out on the town… right? Well actually… we don’t know. That’s what makes the event fun. Here will be no different. I’ve actually got writers (and mind) block now, so I’ll leave this part up to you.

After all is said and done in this post, it’s all in the name of fun. That is what we all need living the fitness lifestyle that we do. So why not try this crazy attempt at a pitch for a ‘new’ kind of gym experience?

Am I crazy? Most likely. It must be the after effects of 10/10/10.

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life….. for me ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

See you in the comments.

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