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What’s YOUR language?

Recently… We talked about an upgrade @ Becoming an S-curve member partner.

@ Being able to speak both English and your native language. In whatever country you’re in.

Right now… The supplements page is still the most popular area within the S-curve Xperience.


And on the pages that are present there. You can translate the entire page, into another language. Even with the videos that you watch there too!

The most popular languages that most of you speak in fact.

So ya… Understand that we’re on a mission this year to start communicating with you, in your native language. As much as possible.

But for now.

1⃣ Google translate – When using a smartphone (SUPER great when used face to face)

2⃣ The supplement pages – Reading, watching and listening in your own language.


The best way to be a partner. Is to not act like one. Just live S-curvishly. You’ll naturally do what a member should be/will be doing.

That’s what we do.

Like last weekend. We was out at part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

So it was easy to talk to and show people via https://www.instagram.com/fitbuzz @ what we do here within the Xperience.

Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience

You’ll be the same. That’s why it’s best to have a member page of your own.

Not only will you subconsciously start acting on any help you’re getting from us.

You’ll be natural in your talk about it. And you’ll feel damn good about it… Because you already feel good about reading through these messages.

It’s mostly about teaching you how to live how we live (At any level that suits…).

At which point… Then makes it’s easy for a selection of us… To meet up regularly. Regardless of where you live in the world. S-curve family FTW.


We’re constantly evolving by the day. So being more involved, only benefits you more.

@ buying food, supps, becoming a member, member partner, taking TC2.0 trips to newly discovered destinations. All of it.

Reply to talk as usual.

1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy stuff

2⃣ http://www.stayfitbug.com

For EVERYTHING that goes on in S-curve world

Full moon party ready in Thailand @hafiiamira

Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge you want @ life after 90-100% S-curvish @domiwaffles

Because S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ @dalmaviczai

April 2nd newsletter


Recently… I posted the above pic. Which is from my own FB stories.

It was just me… Giving out a spontaneous reply, to some of the questions that was coming my way.

So today… I’m going to apply that response above. To some parts of the S-curve Xperience.



We’ve got the (S-curve) formula. We don’t even have to try any more. Sh*t just works.

But if you struggle, in any way, shape or form.

Then just pay to fix the problems.


😁 The dentist.
👕 My laundry…

I suck at… Or don’t have time to master things in that arena. And so… I pay the pros to do that sh*t.

The same can be said for food, nutrition, supplements. @ this page…


You greatly shortcut your route to success. When you pay for the guidance. Or when you buy certain supplements there.


Things get really real in this area.

Because the worst thing ever… Is dealing with people who intend to squeeze as much money out of you as possible @ hotels, tour guides.

This completely changes… When you have strong relationships with the people you meet (And see regularly) on your travels.

Travel-curvish 2.0 @movenpick Maldives @michutravel

you meet (And see regularly) on your travels.

Which of course… Happens organically. When you follow the rule of taking a TC2.0 trip, every 4-6 weeks. This is when a lot of other lucky ‘life’ stuff happens to you too.

Which relates to the above FB story that I posted, on the same day. ANOTHER REASON Why you need get into this mindset. Is so that you can live a better S-curve Xperience overall.

In fact… Not paying people to do stuff. Might be a reason why some areas of your life suck. But as my story says… Find good people and build great relationships. It’s usually an organic process. A bit like when you buy and experience things with us, here in S-curve world.

Just make sure you do that first though @ ‘building’. Because dealing with crap people who don’t give a sh*t about you. Sucks too.

Which is also a reason why you should become an S-curve member first. Before becoming an S-curve member partner. Otherwise YOU will come across as a fraud. And a crap person to deal with @ who ever joins in on the S-curve Xperience through you.


We meet a lot of people daily. Some new. Some regular. Because of that… We get a strong insight into what people want. Problems they’re facing. And stuff they’re using.

Google translate on the smartphone, has been very impressive for us to see. Which is why it got a mention 2 days ago on here.

Another… Is this power bank (Pic above/link beneath it).


I’ll talk about it again soon. But for now. Read through the description and reviews.


1⃣ https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

To buy stuff

2⃣ http://www.stayfitbug.com

For EVERYTHING that goes on in S-curve world


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