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And I’m here again. Because of all the S-curve Member Partner Program (SMPP) talk that’s been going on.

And because of the attention that it’s receiving offline, in our face to face meet ups.

The folks that I’m personally dealing with. Can feel the vibe too.

Which is…

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Getting your people to join you in S-curve member shenanigans

💪🍴 Experience the results. Especially in the 1st 21 days

📲 Talk about it consistently, with you and me (I still lead the coaching around ‘ere)

👐 Experience parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience. Together as a group. Using our collective cash (Or parts of it).

With that last part, hitting home hard!

The message comes across loud and clear online too. But only for those who respond regularly to the chats. Or become S-curve members.

As your connection to S-curve world, becomes a lot deeper, once you do become one.

All 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience, are all important as each other. And feed off of each other too.

All parts… That became what they are… Organically (Which I said in a previous message recently).

But it has to be said… The partner program shenanigans is the ‘big picture’ goal, within S-curve world.



👀📹 It’s experienced offline and recorded for the world to see, online.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌍 We get to create unforgettable experiences. And if not with us in person. With you and your folks. In whatever country you’re in.

👊 Everything is more real. And we get to create a super strong bond.

😁🐘 And of course. Talk about some elephant in the room subjects. Most of which… Are invisible in the online world chats.


If you are involved on here. Which you are… Because you are reading this. Then get yourself a $10 S-curve member page.


Because it’s the only way for you to be a natural @ S-curve member partner shenanigans.


You’re more involved. Which means you’ll naturally talk about what you’re doing, amongst your people.

SIDE NOTE: Becoming an SMPP might even safe your azz one day @ an extra income stream…

Just from being a part of a family, that you’re already heavily invested in.



This was another topic that came up. Most folks know about how the supplement world works. As do we.

The conclusion = Everything in moderation. But for the S-curve formula. You take any food or supp. Look at the ingredients list. And throw it into the S-curve meal structure.

You’ll see a results boost. Especially when you’re dealing with A-rated nutrients.

So a little test/game/challenge for you…

1⃣ If you’ve used Lean bean or Instant knockout. Try Hunter burn for a month or two.

2⃣ Testofuel or prime male… Try Hunter test.

3⃣ Mind lab pro – Hunter focus.

The rules for this… Are of course present here….


And all 3 Hunter supplements. Are listed here…


Reply to ask about all the sh*t you see here!😎

Maldives @c.linetravels



April 7th newsletter




Our workouts did indeed birth our entire existence here.

But over time. We have put less and less importance into it.

Like… It’s still important. And part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

But we are nowhere near ‘hardcore’ anymore.

Not like we were in 2011/12.


Well first. It comes down to…

1⃣ The people that we started with. And how their lives evolved.

2⃣ The current/new people that we meet, near daily.

And in both scenarios. Being a workout fanatic is NOT a goal.

It’s just something that we do, in order to look like this…



✅ ‘Soft lean’
✅ Epic butt/Tiny waist
✅ Epic lats (Traps too @ guys)

What is important… Is a fixed lifestyle and mindset.

And so… The workouts that we now do. Reflect THAT goal.

That’s how the Tailored Daily Exercise videos came about. As well the S-curve circuits and Short Splits routines.

Even with me (Yup… Shaun speaking to you again today).

I personally haven’t done any hardcore workouts for years.

I just do 3-4 short splits a week. And eat S-curvishly.

Granted… I am… And have been 90-100% S-curvish for years now.

But that’s what it can look like for you. Once you reach 60% S-curvish.

Which will take 3-6 months. Depending on how fat or skinny you are.

Seriously. Almost every working class person who wants to be fixed. Cringes at a hardcore workout scenario.

So it’s our job. To explain the above message.

In our world…

🍴🔁 You can eat whatever the fudge you want. Just switch the timings around @ nutrients that enter your guts.

💪🚃 Workouts that you do have to do. Can be done anywhere.

And most important of all… Is to keep showing what a typical week looks like. Aka the S-curve Xperience.

Just scan 1 week of the @fitbuzz Instagram feed.


That’s what a typical week looks like.


But I’ll explain the short version here @ workout activity.

✳ Mon-Thurs are workout days.

✳ We ‘come up for air’. Embrace workout fashion and outdoor gym set ups. Followed by non-workout activities, like swimming.

✳ Weekends are for TC2.0 and nutrition focused ONLY moments.

Of course. This can be tailored and shifted around.

But as you can see. Workouts aren’t the core focus anymore.

Living your best life, in your best body, with your fave people… Is!

So if ‘body goals’ is your focus at all right now. Just reply… To get re-informed @ what you see here in these messages and social media posts.

And on these pages…





@ protocal pages that you need to watch, read and see.


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