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Hopefully… You’ve been reading and watching all the social media posts.

They’re all linked at the top of this page…


With the new ‘motivational’ (Informative too – Via text) YouTube channel, linked under Mrs.M above @ press play.

If you have… Great. Then. YOU know what’s up.

If you haven’t… Then here’s some of the posts from earlier in the week…


1⃣ ‘Soft lean’

2⃣ Epic butt/Tiny waist

3⃣ No fat around the back or waist, when seated

4⃣ Slim, yet toned arms (Not ripped or bulky)

Guys… The goal changes slightly for you. But ladies… GET IT! ⬇





You can choose your own TC2.0 items from the new page above.

But it has to be said… The bluetooth speaker is the fave gadget for sure.

We see it throughout ALL of our S-curve Experience shenanigans.

If you’re into 1 for all occasions. Go for the SRS over the JBL @ the comparison on the link above.



🏊 During the week… That’s mostly about early morning swims.

💪🍑 But in regards to ‘life’ @ 60% S-curvish and beyond. It means waking up… KNOWING you’ll like what you see in the mirror @ no more hissy fits.

📌0⃣9⃣ Now… Although we are more established now. Compared to 2009, when we first started all of this shit.

⬇️❌ There are still less-curvish people within S-curve world. Who aren’t succeeding within the first 14-21 days.

💊✋ The S-curve formula isn’t the problem, of course.

↗️😱 The issue… Is that some of these folks are afraid of success.

🔄 They’ve been less-curvish for so long (Overly fat OR skinny). That their current frame has become protocol for them.

👐 They’ve accepted the label fat/skinny.

😢 The reason they’ve entered our world. Is because their inner self is crying for help.

🃏 It’s just that the ‘label’ is getting in their way.

⚾️ So it’s our job… To keep throwing the S-curve Experience shenanigans in front of them, daily.

📲 And of course… To talk to these people week in/week out. Until that label finally comes off @ results.

💪↗️🌌 Results… Which will usually improve other failing parts of your life.

🏆 Turn you into a fcuking winner FTW @ live it up @ ALL 4 parts of the S-curve Experience.


It’s all about heightened engagement via…

✳ S-curve member page
✳ Social posts and stories
✳ THESE Messenger Messages

That’s how you win. And/Or stay informed @ other S-curve Experience stuff.

Keep moving


Feeding the monster @domiwaffles


Zanzibar, Tanzania @adrianahughes

Zanzibar, Tanzania @adrianahughes


10th February newsletter





You are…

🐉 Loving the ‘S-curve’

🎬📷 S-curve Experience pics and vids

🍴 The S-curve approach to food and supplementation

📲 Our new @fitbuzz Amazon page

We gave all of that, a HUGE upgrade, towards the end of 2018.

Mostly via this website.


Which became an official website of our main website (That you’re reading this on).

But today… We’re going to focus on the S-curve and S-curve formula. And the things that you’ll start to see, as an S-curve member

Because there’s a lot of new faces here now. And the messages that come through in the replies…

Are based on the appreciation of the S-curve concept. Which started in 2011.

We’ve evolved into an ‘Experience’ since then.

But YOU see THAT… Every minute of every day.

So let’s dig into the elements of the S-curve formula… That you see, as a member

The most important features/benefits (In our eyes).


It’s where 3-4 exercises are chosen for you specifically.

Where’ll you’ll do 1-2 sets of each, usually to failure.

In a video that lasts 1-2 minutes. And 10 minutes when YOU perform it.

🚞 It keeps you on the wagon (Motivated and engaged).

💪↗ And boosts your results.

This is used in conjunction with…



The no.1 concern that new members have. Is what life is going to look like, after they (You) become a member.

It doesn’t matter if one pays $10, $150 or $300, to start.

The cost is rarely the issue.

Folks just wanna know what the fudge they’re getting themselves into (Fudge is our word for fcuk).

Which makes sense. Because by now… Everyone knows that you’re going to have to be active, for at least 1-3 months.

That’s a lot of investment of your time. And WE teach you to never waste time. And the best way to show you all of the above.

Is by doing everything via 121 chats.

1⃣ Because it shows that we are investing our time. And we certainly aren’t wasting ours.

2⃣ Going LIVE on chats… Gives you an increase accountability factor. Increases your engagement. And makes you think less ‘negatively’… Knowing someone is in your corner.

And we know for a fact… That this feature… Is responsible for all the epic results that you can see here…


We’ll do a part 2 to this on Tuesday.

Which is also a reflection of the newer goals that the newer faces around here… Having been active with.




But if you’re already in the loop @


– The $10 for enjoying the S-curve Experience.

– Starting as an S-curve member for $10. Which will happen naturally, if you did the ‘fan thing’ above.

– Tailored Paypal payment links

Then for us… We’ll continue on with whatever WE have going on.

Hangry much?

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