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January 6th newsletter



Tis the S-curve Experience.

We announced that 2 years ago. And today… Everyone who enters our world… ‘Gets it’. So if you’re here. You get it too. Even if you don’t/didn’t realise it.

Here’s to living YOUR best life!



So… You know how we said that there won’t be much ‘tips’ in the newsletters any more? (And there still won’t be).

Well… A lot of that… Has shifted to the daily social media posts, via all the platforms we’re on (See side bar)

It’s LIVE and in the moment too @ pics, vids, and text. Especially the ⬇⬇⬇

Instagram/Facebook stories.

So follow, on all the platforms that you use.


There are a lot of new faces appearing here every day.

Some ‘get it’ instantly @ what we do here. And some don’t (The number who don’t… Has dropped. Due to the amount of years we’ve been around @ EST 2009).

Most people do though. And end up sending messages to us. Like what you saw here, with Shirley…

So today… It’s time to show you EVERYTHING that we do here.


You can read, watch and listen to everything here.

Do it… You’ll get to feel the vibe once you do.

But in terms of fixing you (Regardless of the issue)…

The top view goal =

A) Spend 1-3 months creating a foundation, formula and results.

B) Reach at least 60% of the result. So that we can start to enjoy parts 2 to 4 of the S-curve Experience (As displayed via all the pics/vids within these messages).

C) We’ll aim for 60-100%. But at a pace that makes sense for YOUR life.


Because what you’ll find… Is that you’ll approach EVERYTHING that you do in your life… The same way!

And THAT… Is what the S-curve Experience is all about @ living YOUR best life.

It’s also a way to find out who the BEST people are to do that with… In your current day life. Because ‘Glowing up’ like that, will force the people around you to reveal their true colors.


This page…

If you have any questions after reading all of that. Then it’s time for you to Become an S-curve member.

#3 Our Amazon page and explanation page for Travel-curvish 2.0


#4 The T-shirts, apparel and merch…

That’s it.

Reply to talk about any of the above.


January 8th newsletter

Holiday season is over folks. And real life has kicked back into gear for everyone. So let’s play… Shall we!!!

SOOOO… We’ve been at this since 2009. That’s an entire fudging decade!

From 2010 – 2017… The demand was hot on helping women build an S-curve. That hasn’t changed at all. In fact… We’ve evolved into an S-curve Experience (This was predicted to happen).

What HAS changed. Is that the men have arrived. In the past 2 years.

‘Guys’… The goal is the same for you. Just… You will build epic lats and trap muscles to match (And a deeper S-curve because of that fact). Now…



The majority of those who become members. Like to remain private.

In fact… Due to their professions. Being on social media will hurt them.

So you’ll only find access to their pics on here. And you’ll see them talking back and forth, inside chat screenshots. Like Amy (Pic below).

Many long term members are self sufficient today. Which is the goal for you (If you are new here, or yet to start and are after results).

So that you can start enjoying parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience.

1⃣ Becoming S-curvish
2⃣ For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
3⃣ Improved daily lifestyle
4⃣ Travel-curvish 2.0

And where we start to bring these online events, to real life. Offline. Like… Meet-ups in your city (We’ve been doing these over the years). Or just you… Living out everything that you see here, in your own world.

Now… Let’s show you a 5-6 year timeline, from someone that’s been around on here for that long.


Her life in 2019, is very different compared to those times. And it would be. As she’s still in her 20’s. And you change a lot. With each passing year, at those ages. But just look at how her physique changed. You can read all of her ups and downs via her story. The page is linked behind the image.

If you are here. To enjoy the experience OR get results. Our job is to make that great. For YOU.

So that will evolve and continue.

Today’s message has been focused on the S-curve member. Because that’s where a lot of you want to be and need to be. Based on the current feedback.

So you need to see what life looks like as a member.

If you can see this message. Then, YOU will just need to reply, chat and get a tailored Paypal link. Based on what we discuss in the chats.

So reply and do that!

Stephy in 2019 (You can even see the improvements in phone camera quality)


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