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Becoming S-curvish…

We already know that a lot of you read these messages. Yet… are still fat. Less-curvish. Too skinny, or whatever.

But like… How?

It only takes 1-3 months to see noticeable or even drastic changes.

Even from using just ONE S-curve member page update.

Weeeell… We’ll tell you what the issue is.

And it’s not about having/not having the money to start.

Sh*t… Back in September. We went out daily. Met 1-5 people everyday. Saw the same people. Got them on member pages. Some started for free.

Some @ $10 starts and some $150.


But the outcome for some of those folks was the same. They did nothing.

Some of these were sales people too.

So… It’s a case of…

✳ How you do 1 thing. Is how you do everything.

✳ Your belief systems.

Like… If you’ve had a strong influence… Growing up around people who…

🚬 Smoke
👔Have certain types of jobs (Not open to entrepreneurship)

Then chances are… That will stick with you.

At least until your adult years.

So… It’s our job… To get you on voice calls.






Text chats, daily.

Every single super successful member… Did that.

And the reason why it works. Is because you become what you think about the most.

For us… Behind the scenes. We’re constantly…

– Connected with other business

Like in the automotive and travel industry.

It keeps us in tune with the S-curve Experience stuff.

For the past 3-4 years… We’ve lived the S-curve Experience, every single day. Around the clock!

> Explained  

Also seen via the FB stories on the FB page.

Which makes it easy for you to just join in on all the fun.

The S-curve Experience will probably always remain free @ the button below.


With optional stuff to buy @ supplements, merch and 1-12 month programs.

Via: https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com

But part 1 of 4 of the SE (Becoming S-curvish). ‘Costs’ 💶💵… Due to the number of hours that are spent on 121 coaching chats.

So ya…. Our biggest challenge, is fixing your mindset.

It’s a global problem. Which starts at the schooling systems that one gets put through..

Read the first part of this page…


… To see what we mean.

That was us… In 2007. Until WE got better educated.

👫 Better partners
😁 Better health
⛳ Better daly life experiences
😃 Better happiness levels

We already know some of you are experiencing that. Simply by being active here.

But for some… A real hand holding fix is needed.

Changing just 1 person. Impacts 100 more. Due to social media.

We’re out here… Everyday. Expanding our reach.

We want you to be a part of that. Especially when we organise in-person meet ups/events….

🍹 So here’s to your future success.









Feb 5th newsletter

Tuesday… And if you’ve been following on http://www.instagram.com/fitbuzz.

You may or may not be recovering from a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip this past weekend.


We’ll tell you now….

‘Soft lean’ + S-curvish + Keep ALL real body parts…

It’s our most important goal @ part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Experience. Because we know the happiness that it brings, to all involved.

It’s easily achieved, regardless of your situation. As long as you sign up for the help.

It’s why we still focus on it so hard. And again… Because achieving it… Makes you successfully live out parts 2-4 of the S-curve Experience



✳No pressure (Unless you want it… Then you’ll receive that @ expect FAST results)
✳ ‘Mind’ peace
✳ Genuine happiness

Those are keywords/phrases within the S-curve Experience @ Vitoria’s moment below (Pic).

And we ourselves… Push them hard in front of you. So you know for sure, ‘what’s up’… When you’re here.

For years… We were constantly telling our followers, that the S-curve… Is more than just the butt.

And the message soon sank in.

You’ll see many of those folks on the results page too.

And being more than just the butt. Is what lead to the focus on more text chat results.



Instead of just before and after S-curve physique results.

As most of the magic… Is a result of what goes on in the 121 coaching chats… Right here, in these Messenger chats.

Especially via http://www.stayfitbug.com/CALLBUZZ

And as some of those folks have said…

Having a 60% S-curvish (And above) body… Just makes everyday life easier.

It’s one ‘sure thing’ to be happy about when you wake up. Because every day won’t always be great.

In fact… That’s why 121 chats keeps everyone winning.

Because overthinking and hissy fits is what happens, when left on your own for too long.

Like… Forget about friends, spouses or whoever.

What’s important… Is that you have people ‘in your corner’.

And when possible. Go on TC2.0 trips with them, to solidify your bond.

Seriously. It’s the best thing ever.

These trips are the height of the S-curve Experience.

And hopefully, we get to do some with as many of YOU as possible @ global event prep within S-curve world.

That’s all the words for today.

Reply like you have been doing.


– The replies
– The convos we have with people we’re meeting everyday

It helps keep these messages truly meaningful to YOU.



‘Coming up for air’ @meganjarica

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